Neutralizing of earth rays and water veins

Neutralizing of water veins and earth rays is certainly possible. Neutralizing the radiation at home takes the complaints away and prevents future illnesses. By applying the neutralizations before the earth rays enter your house, they are already stopped outside and your house becomes free.

Why neutralize?

There are different approaches to solving complaints caused by water veins and other earth rays.

Many solutions offered consist of attempts to combat the symptoms. By placing devices in the home. But anything that claims to remove everything in a certain circumference doesn’t. Even when it’s called neutralizing (which it is not). However, this is an indication that the object itself emits radiation.
How would something to your right remove the radiation to your left? It does not.

Many materials are also offered for under or on the bed. But these are of no use, because there is no material that blocks the radiation.

Another approach is to avoid the radiation by, for example, moving the bed. Unfortunately, it is seldom possible to completely escape the radiation this way.
With these approaches, nothing is done about the earth radiation.

A better option is therefore to eliminate the cause of the complaints. By neutralizing the Earth rays. So really taking away the radiation. This not only gives a much better result for the complaints now. But this also prevent the risk of serious illnesses later on.


Edith’s experience with neutralizing

See what Edith’s in her application and her experiences more than 1.5 months after the neutralization.


“My husband and I, together with my parents, have been living in a farm for over a year now. We at the front and my parents at the back.
I’ve done some research on the farm’s history.

The 1st resident got rheumatism, and at the time (around the early 1960s) a dowser was called in who diagnosed a water vein.

During the conversation with the 2nd resident, she said that cattle in the barn, where my parents now live, kept getting sick. They then put the cattle on the other side of the farm.

From what I understand from the stories, previous occupants had various ailments including Kahler’s disease, M.S., diabetes, being nearly blind. Pretty heavy stuff.

My father has had rheumatoid arthritis in the past,
got rid of it, but now has it back.

My husband doesn’t always sleep well, is also tired a lot.
I myself have fatigue issues.
Furthermore, we all keep sniffling and are not completely fit.

Furthermore, some souls/entities walk around here every now and then.”

“Hi Marcel,

It goes well!
My father no longer suffers from rheumatism
and the back pain he had is also gone.
My parents both sleep much better.

There is also more peace in and around the farm,
it feels a lot more ours now.
In retrospect, I had the feeling
that we were visiting our own house.

My husband has seen no more shadows.
Fortunately, he also sleeps much better.
Me too, by the way, and I wake up much more rested.

Thank you for asking how things are going!

Regards, Edith”

March 2023


Neutralizing - Wateraders boerderij
These water veins flow under Edith’s farm
The house at the front is heavily loaded, as is the living room of the parents at the back
Neutralizing - Aardstralen boerderij
The red earth rays are always there. If you lie or sit on them a lot, it will cost you a lot of energy
The blue zone is wide and very strong and runs through the parents’ bedroom and study and through the former stable. This explains the complaints that occurred there

Information about neutralizing

Below information about neutralizing through answers to questions that are often asked.

What can you do for me?

I also help cows, horses, birds, etc.
This photo was taken during an investigation at a dairy farmer where the cows did not want to enter 1 side of the milk pit.


I can carry out an analysis of your house / stable / company for you to see whether and which water veins / earth rays, etc. are burdening. Based on this you can decide whether you also want me to neutralize the found water veins and other earth rays for you.

It always starts with this analysis first, because for any subsequent neutralization I need to know where which earth rays run. Even if one or more investigations have already taken place on site. I look at many more types of earth rays and also clearly look much further around the house.

How do you determine remotely what is in my home?

For the analysis I use a technique called ‘Mapdowsing’, translated divining on a map or photo. Further down the page under “Analysis of your house / stable / company” there is a short video in which I show how this works. In short, it means that I search for the different types of earth rays on aerial images (Google Earth) of the house and surroundings.

Of course there is no earth radiation on the screen, but the information is available. In this way I can determine where which earth rays are. Distance does not play any role in this, I have also helped people in the US and Australia, for example.

The results with Mapdowsing appear to correspond exactly with the measurements taken on site by customers themselves. The water veins and earth rays found also correspond to what other dowsers have previously found on site.

Isn’t measuring on site much better?

No, the problem of measuring on location is that you don’t have an overview of the entire situation. You also often cannot measure where you should. When you know that you really need to look spaciously around the house, think of a surface of more than 2 hectares. Then I think it will become clearer why that is better and easier on aerial images.

I often see that in previous measurements on site things have been overlooked or wrong conclusions have been drawn. And even people have been advised to sleep at the worst place.

In addition to looking much further around the house, many more possible problem causes are also being looked at. From my education in Germany, I have already acquired tremendous knowledge. And in the course of time, I have also discovered many new, unknown, things. Together, this means that almost always more is found in this way than investigations that have previously taken place on site.

How do you neutralize the earth rays?

Neutralization of a strong earth ray coming from the right
After neutralization, the radiation on the left is completely gone
The radiation has thus been removed from the house on the left

To neutralize water veins and earth rays I bring certain energy / information on, upstream of the house. This ensures that the radiation is completely gone from that point downstream for at least 200m (>660 feet). This is done for all earth rays that load the house. This makes the entire house (and garden) free from earth radiation. The radiation is therefore stopped before it can enter your home.

How I exactly can neutralize the radiation in the house, is ‘secret of the blacksmith’. But more importantly, this knowledge is dangerous in the hands of people who are not careful enough.

So I use an energetic approach. For many people it is difficult to imagine that this is possible, I realize that. The positive experiences of customers are therefore important.

For the remote neutralization I also use the aerial images. A parallel can be drawn with Reiki, with which people can be treated from a distance. This is how I treat your home from a distance, as it were. Interestingly enough, quantum mechanics provides explanations why this is possible.

How quickly do you notice trouble-free sleep?

Provided that it is indeed the water veins and earth rays to which you reacted:

When the load has not been long or not very strong. Then the complaints disappear very quickly and completely without after-effects. I get messages back that often huge improvements occur the next day or within a few days.

When the load has been stronger and longer lasting. Then it may come to reactions first. The body is no longer used to lying in a radiation-free place and continues to react with defenses at first. After that, the complaints disappear.

When the load has been strong and long lasting (for years). In that case, it can be expected that the improvement will be slow, especially if other negative influences play a role. Or because heavy medication has been taken for a long time.

When there is a serious illness in an advanced stage. Then, in rare cases, the deterioration will slow down or perhaps even come to a standstill. However, further medical assistance will remain necessary. Still, the chance of healing, without the earth radiation, is now a lot greater. Just because the radiation no longer consumes your energy. As a result, medical treatments will be much more successful.


Sometimes people notice the changes literally immediately after neutralizing. Below Paul’s experience, immediately after neutralization.

“I think I felt it instantly.
It is true that I take a power nap every afternoon, but I still feel tired during the day.

Yesterday I noticed that I didn’t get tired, and I cleaned up my bicycle shed and garden house all afternoon until 7 pm,
which I can’t keep up for so long other days.

This morning I also woke up earlier, and woke up refreshed.”

Does the neutralization of earth rays always work?

After having carried out well over a thousand neutralizations for a few hundred customers, I can safely say that it always works.

Whether your complaints also disappear with the removal of the earth radiation is something else. If you only suffer from earth rays, you can expect that the complaints will disappear after neutralization. If you have a serious illness, it will not disappear with the neutralization. However, the chance of recovery increases.

The neutralization works for a long time, in principle endlessly. But the experience only goes back to 2015. This first neutralization still works now (2023).

In addition to earth rays, other factors can also play a role. The most common is the presence of entities. These actually cause the most sleeping complaints, is my impression. It is therefore also important to remove these.

Once in a while there are also very exotic matters that have nothing to do with earth rays, water veins or electro smog. Then I will do my best for you, but I cannot guarantee that I can solve it. Often yes, sometimes no.

What does it cost and how does it work?

For the descriptions and costs of the analysis and neutralization, see further down the page under “Help with earth rays and water veins”.

Here are also some more customer experiences.




Experiences from the market

On the internet, various people offer themselves for help with earth rays and water veins. However, the knowledge and skills are certainly not all the same.

In addition to the sensitivity to find things, a lot of knowledge is also required. Because if you don’t know what to look for, you won’t find it!

Unfortunately, in genereall this knowledge appears to be very limited. In practice you see that after the water veins and some lines like Hartmann and Curry it quickly stops. While there are also many other things that cause complaints.


“His intentions are good, but his knowledge is limited to a water vein and its location if one is found.
And there is a really big difference with your knowledge and experience, quality and effectiveness.

Can’t really be compared, so big is the difference.”


The difference also lies in a serious 4-year training. In addition, the knowledge and expertise in this area in Germany is also much greater.


A large part of my clients have already had several people over. But the complaints have nevertheless remained. For example Gerard, where over the years already 8! people have been. But only after remote analysis and then neutralizing all earth rays, Gerard’s complaints are finally gone.

During the analysis, it turned out that despite all previous attempts, all radiation was still present. And this case of Gerard is certainly no exception.

Cheap often turns out to be expensive. It costed Gerard a lot, without yielding any results. On the other hand, even expensive devices of $1200 to $2000 or even more do not appear to help.

Thank you for your detailed explanation
and it’s totally right.

I don’t remember exactly what I paid that man
but it was definitely more than 1000 Dollar.”

“In the past I have already spent a lot of money on cleaning my house and combating radiation.

There are also things from XXX in my house.
But never really felt any of it.”

Placing devices, objects, correctors, harmonizers, etc. randomly somewhere in the house does not seem to help or only temporarily and sometimes even worsens the complaints. The latter because many of these solutions emit a lot of radiation themselves. So, it’s purely about trying to control symptoms.

Putting plastic, mats, copper, cork, aluminum, etc. under the bed also does not seem to work. Logical, because there is no material that blocks the radiation.

The radiation will therefore not go away and the health risks will therefore remain in the longer term!

“Already 3 neighbors in a row had cancer, 2 of which died.
Many vague complaints myself. Underactive thyroid. Restless sleep.

2 children who were often ill during the first years. Quickly overstimulated.
People feel drained after visiting us.”


Side radiation
The entire upper floor is burdened by water veins that lie well outside the house
There is no evading here

People who offer this as a solution do not take into account that there is also radiation in addition to the larger earth rays such as water veins. This also leads to complaints in the long run.

And very often the bed cannot be moved out of the radiation at all. Simply because the size of the bedroom does not allow it. Let alone that you can divert to another bedroom. As the radiation is often present over a large area.

You also see that a situation like in the photo is never actually recognized. This radiation is not known and people do not look far enough around the house.

In addition, the house remains burdened and the feeling of unrest and agitation remains, which many people experience. You also see that entities, with the accompanying sleep complaints, keep coming back.

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Help with earth rays and water veins

Analysis of your house, stable or company

This is an intensive and extensive investigation of your home, company, stable or plot into earth rays and water veins (and more).

More than 50 different things are checked.

How the analysis is performed

The analysis takes place with the aid of a technique called ‘Map dowsing’, see the video. The advantage of this is that I can measure anywhere. This is because it is often not possible to get to the places where measurements should be taken on site.


After the analysis you will receive a report with an overview of the water veins and other earth rays found. These are also drawn in photos of the property. In addition, it contains an explanation of the most common earth rays and advice.

Customers are usually surprised that compared to previous investigations, so many more things are found.

Measures to be taken

After the analysis you can decide whether you want to neutralize the found water veins and other earth rays. See the description below.

If there are very explicit complaints that strongly indicate the presence of strong radiation, neutralization can also take place immediately after the analysis.




Since the analysis takes place remotely, it can usually be carried out soon after receipt of payment, usually within 2 to 3 working days.

House analysis
3 water veins with 2 crossings and a terrestrial ray crossing in a bed in an apartment on Ibiza



This video shows how I find water veins and earth rays using map-dowsing.

“The strong water vein exactly matches that of the dowser we had engaged.

He had only indicated the strong water vein on the north side of the house, not the 2 from north to south. Not even the Benkers and Hoogeveen line.


House analysis 2
3 Water veins through the house + a strong earth ray

“I also took a look myself and the intersection at the back on the left corresponds exactly to what you already indicate from a distance.

Very interesting.


“Right in one of the places where you found a corpse,
did we find English boots after plowing (1st WW)!”

Frederic, Ypres


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Neutralizing earth rays and water veins

After an analysis, the radiation can be removed by applying neutralizations to the found water veins and earth rays.

After the neutralization has been completed, a further check is carried out and the presence of entities is also checked.


Are your complaints indeed and exclusively caused by the found water veins and earth rays? Then you will quickly and permanently notice improvement by removing the radiation.




We coordinate the price in advance for companies, stables and other large objects.



Since the analysis takes place remotely, it can usually be carried out soon after receipt of payment, usually within 2 to 3 working days.

“For the new home, the water veins were neutralized step by step from a distance. Then followed the earth rays and the entities.

After each neutralization, the change in the home was immediately noticeable in a positive way. It is now very quiet in the house, a huge difference!

Neutralizations were also carried out for the old house.
Was there afterwards to pick up our chickens.
Never before have I experienced it so pleasant in the garden.
I am very grateful to Marcel.

In fact, every home should have these neutralizations.”

Luc, Belgium


The family fled their self-built house after 5 years, because it was unbearable. Despite the fact that previous surveys had been carried out. Luc contacted me because of the new home.

“Dear Marcel,
It’s been almost 2 years since you cleared my home of earth rays.

I am still grateful for that. I also sleep so much better.”

Albertine, The Netherlands


“I think I have suffered from headaches every day for more than 30 to 35 years.
And took about 4-5 Finimals a day to suppress it.

But since you removed the radiation from a distance
the headache is almost immediately reduced and it gets better every day.

Usually no longer wake up in the morning with a headache.

I hope that this development continues and that my headache will soon be gone.

By the way, I had all the investigations that existed since 2008, but the medical world could not find anything … ”

Roelof, The Netherlands

“I want to thank you for solving my health problems.

After trying many other things without success, your remote neutralization was the only thing that actually helped.

Since all the radiation has been removed I can sleep normally again and
I no longer feel tired in the morning.

I also feel my energy returning.”

Thomas, Switzerland


(translated from German)

“We came home on Friday and were not informed,
that you had already initiated the neutralization.

Actually, we noticed it immediately after entering, that there was something “different”. An oppressive feeling, which we had been used to for years, was no longer there.

After about an hour I could climb the stairs much better and the occasional pain in the neck and shoulders was less. This also applies to my wife who also experienced reduced pain during the day.

We no longer feel the cold feeling that radiated from the floor.
The house no longer feels cold, but feels cozy and warm.

Obviously both very happy with this metamorphosis.”

Tony and Nelly
“I’ve been sleeping great since you worked on the house.

Fritz, Medford, US

“Marcel has been of enormous help to our family.
I have suffered from insomnia for 9 years, causing a lot of stress in my life!
Since he removed 4 large Water veins, Benkers and 6 entities,
I now sleep all through the night!

I have tried everything, but not until these things were solved,
have I been able to sleep.
It is not a question of belief. It works!

Furthermore, Marcel is professional, kind and thorough.
If I had only known this earlier, it would have spared me a lot!
I give him my highest recommendations!”

Sussi, Denmark

“Good morning, Marcel

I hope you slept well – we actually did! :)
Something is definitely changing in the energy in the house.
My wife was happy when woke up :).

Thank you again for everything you have already done for us.”

Kaido, Estland

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Neutralize water veins and earth rays yourself

It is possible to neutralize radiation yourself. It does, however, require the proper knowledge and skills.
Oblique stones placed across a water vein can suppress radiation. For adequate results you must use at least five rows of these stones. Unfortunately, this solution is rarely an option, simply for lack of space.

Finding earth rays

To neutralize earth rays and water veins you must be able to detect earth ray reliably, which requires talent and practice. There are many kinds of earth rays that you should be able to distinguish. If you don’t know what to look for, you won’t find anything. It’s also important to determine the level of radiation and other properties, for example whether a certain type of earth ray is pathogenic. Not all types of earth ray are unhealthy.

Locating earth ray accurately

You need knowledge of reliable means of neutralisation or shielding and how to apply them in order for them to work properly. You must be able to locate the earth ray and even some of its component parts accurately.


Neutralizing - Black Tourmalijn
Black Turmalin
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Neutralisation using stones

Certain gemstones, such as tourmaline and rose quartz, effectively shield against earth ray and electro pollution. Again, they must be placed correctly and need to be cleansed from time to time, which is often forgotten in time, rendering them ineffective.

Neutralizing with Box-tree

Neutralisation using plants

Certain plants have a shielding or neutralising effect, Box-tree for example. Again, correct positioning is crucial. Besides, Box-tree plants should be kept small en replaced when they die. Placing Box-tree on the garden terrace is a good idea but I advise against placing yew trees near your house. Unlike other plants and trees it has a negative effect on us.

Neutralizing earth ray using neutralization devices

See “Do neutralization devices work?”

Neutralizing earth ray using copper eights, metal pipes etc.

See “The risks of using metal pipes, copper eights etc. for neutralizing”.

Removing earth rays

To remove earth rays you need a need a fair amount of knowledge and skills. There are very few dowsers I know of who can do this, besides myself and a colleague. Removal is not always possible, sometimes we must revert to neutralization.

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What doesn’t work against earth rays and water veins

What doesn’t work:


  • Mirrors
  • Aluminium foil
  • Strong magnets
  • Lead under the bed, copper etc.
  • Cork

I strongly advise against the use of mirrors and magnets
Mirrors do not reflect the earth ray, but they do reflect our own radiation back to us, which can be harmful
Magnets have very strong radiation levels and are not healthy for us.

Grounding sheet experiences

grounded sheets
Example of a grounded sheets

I have come across grounded sheets at many people where I did a home survey. The mere fact that I was asked to come indicates that the grounded sheets in question had not solved the problem.

Experience with grounded sheets shows that they actually cause higher voltages on the bed, instead of lowering them. 50V is no exception. And even above 230V with a grounded sheet that was “grounded” to ground connection of the power socket. This one was removed very quickly…

I have also had a customer who sells grounding sheets. She was in ‘shock’ that the measured voltage on her bed was much higher with “ground” than without. Reaction: “How is that possible, if I measure it goes down”.

But an ordinary multi-meter only measures a few Hertz at most. My meter has a bandwidth of 400,000 Hz. And then it looks very different.


A very long thin wire of 15 m (50 feet) with a pin of 30 cm (12 inch) at the end that you have to stick into the ground. This has nothing to do with grounding.

If an ground connection is made for your home, a thick copper rod goes deep into the ground. Preferably to the groundwater. And this is connected with a thick copper cable so that the resistance is very low <0.6 Ohm. That's grounding.

So these grounding sheets don’t ground. What you do, is connecting a very long antenna to the grounding sheet. This captures all voltage and radio waves and puts it on the sheet. And even without this antenna you see that the voltage is higher than without the grounding sheet. The threads in the sheet itself also work as an antenna.

The variant with a connection to the protective earth at the wall socket is even worse. All disturbances from the mains is dumped on the mains ground. So there are a lot of frequencies and voltage on this….



  • “Suppression and harmonisation devices”
  • Tachyon radiators
  • Orgon radiators

I also strongly advise against the latter, as they often do more harm than good.
‘Less is more’. We want less radiation, not more!
Also, pure orgon is not produced anymore because our environment is strongly polluted with technical radiation.


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