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This page provides an overview of the most important topics on this site and is therefore also a short summary of the content of this site.

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What earth rays, water veins and electrosmog do to you

A number of earth rays and certainly water veins give such strong radiation that they are by definition unhealthy for us. The radiation is perceived by the body (ie not consciously) and reacts to it with stress and tension. Sleeping becomes difficult because you cannot relax properly.

The more sensitive you are, the sooner you will experience this. In addition, this stress disrupts our body processes, which leads to the imbalance of, for example, the vitamin and mineral balance. You become more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Various complaints can then arise.

If you stay in strong radiation for a long time, think of years, then the chance of getting a chronic disease, such as cancer, is greatly increased.

Several neighbors on the same water vein regularly appear to have had, have had or have died from cancer. Unfortunately, this also happens if you do not experience any complaints.

My mission is therefore to prevent the development of chronic diseases by this radiation.

For detailed information about signs and symptoms see:


“Already had 3 neighbors with cancer of which 2 died.
Also a lot of vague complaints. Thyroid too slow. Restless sleep.

2 children who were often ill in the early years. Easily overstimulated.
People feel drained after visiting us.”

After a maximum of 5 to 7 years, people develop serious complaints
After 15 to 18 years, people have developed a chronic illness…



Earth radiation & Water veins

What earth rays are

The term earth ray or earth radiation is a collective term for various phenomena that have in common that they emit radiation from the earth.

So there are different types of earth rays and water veins are also earth rays in that sense, but because they play such an important role they are always mentioned separately.

In addition, there are many other phenomena that can have a negative influence on the inhabitants of a house. Think of incriminating energies from previous inhabitants, zones with negative energy, corpses (yes, I find those too now and then), pollution, bombs/grenades, entities and worse.

For extensive information about earth rays, see:


What water veins are

You will find the most bizarre explanations on the internet about water veins, while it is not so esoteric at all. It is simply real water that flows into the subsurface at certain depths.

Water veins not only give strong radiation, but can also load a large area. Because water veins well outside your home can still emit radiation into the house. Something very few dowsers realize.

So just looking at water veins under the house is certainly not enough.

For detailed information about water veins see:


Water vein
Small water vein in a layer of pebble



Sources of electro smog
Sources of electro smog

Other stressors

In addition to earth rays and water veins, there are other phenomena that can cause problems, including Entities and electrosmog.

Electrosmog is an increasing problem, because we want to have coverage everywhere and more and more devices are equipped with WiFi or other wireless technologies. And often we are completely unaware that the inverter of the solar panels, the air conditioning or the central heating boiler are radiating all day long.

People experience vague complaints, but usually do not relate them to the electrosmog load to which they are exposed.

Some people become electrosensitive at some point. These people can’t stand anything anymore. Even if the radiation values are below the strict standards of the Standard für Baubiologie (SBM 2015).

For detailed information about electrosmog, see:


Devices and objects

A great many (often expensive) devices and objects are sold or purchased by people themselves by dowsers / residential biologists. These are generally placed somewhere in the house (often in the meter cupboard, crawl space or in the bedroom). For further details, see: Sale of devices and items

As a result, however, the radiation is simply allowed into the house. And once the radiation has entered the home, you can’t get it out. In addition, these devices often emit a lot of radiation themselves.

These are attempts to combat the symptoms, but the radiation from the water veins and earth rays (the cause of the complaints) is not removed. And with that, the health risks (chronic diseases) also remain in the long run, even if a subjective improvement in the complaints experienced is experienced.

In addition, these devices or objects often only work temporarily.

There are also people who indicate that they cannot stand it or even get serious medical complaints because of it, who do not go away even after removing the device. So “it doesn’t help, it doesn’t harm” unfortunately doesn’t apply here. So it is very important to watch out for these things.

For information about disrupting, harmonizing and neutralizing, see:


“The NB has been moved again and
I got an even more intense reaction to that
so that I removed it and returned it, we no longer trusted it.

But that didn’t solve my problem and
it’s controlling my life at the moment.

It’s like I’m electrified all day/night and
it radiates out my ears/fingertips/toes.

Have already been to the otolaryngologist and
have now been referred to an audio center.



“His intentions are good,
but his knowledge is limited to a water vein
and the location if one is found.

And there is really a very big difference with
your knowledge and experience, quality and effectiveness.

Can’t really be compared
that’s how big the difference is.”

Marijke, Wageningen

Knowledge level

Various people offer themselves on the internet for help with earth rays, water veins or electrosmog. However, the knowledge and skills are certainly not all at the same level.

In addition to sensitivity to find things, a lot of knowledge is also required. Unfortunately, this knowledge appears to be very limited outside of Germany. Because many burdensome factors simply turn out to be unknown, let alone be found.

It also appears that those who place devices or objects in the house do not know what the relevant device or object actually does. There are very different effects that occur, but certainly not the elimination of the radiation.

We were trained as a dowser master in 4 years in Germany by the then best dowsing master.

How I can help you

If you have problems with earth rays and water veins, I can help you by carrying out an analysis of what burdens you and then remove the radiation from the earth rays and water veins found.

I can also advise you on what to do in the event of a load caused by electrosmog. And if necessary, I can also remove entities for you. This all happens remotely, making an appointment is therefore not necessary and therefore I can quickly perform it for you.

I also offer various additional help.

If your complaints are caused by earth rays, water veins and/or entities, you will also see that the complaints disappear after the removal of the radiation and the entities and peace comes into the house.


“We felt it right away this morning when we woke up,
it feels much nicer in the house, a real home.
Even my partner mentioned it, despite being a bit skeptical before.”

“It now feels calm and serene. Sleeping in particular is back to normal.
Sleep without waking up tired or disturbed and feel energized and fit.”

“It suddenly seems to me that I walk lighter through the house.
Like I’m floating.
As if before this the house pulled my body down and I can now suddenly walk upright.”