Leylines and other phenomena


The term Leyline is used for 2 different type of phenomena, who oft have a relation, but not always.

A line of sight

Meant is here that certain places, buildings on a larger distance who stand exactly on the same line. So when you draw a line on a map through these points, you will see that several churches, stone circles, dolmen etc. stand is an exact straight line.

Radïestethic phenomena

The term Leyline is also used for a phenomena that can be found by dowsers. An invisible zone of energy running over the earth that can be found which a dowsing rod. The larger zones often fall together with the line of sight phenomena that connect certain point with each other. A known example of this is the Leyline that connect Stonehenge with the Externstein in Germany. Besides the big Leylines there are also many smaller Leylines you can find at many places.


Where the radiesthetic Leyline is made of

Leylines are to be seen like a kind of glas fiber cables, they contain many smaller lines that carry information. Around these bundles of smaller lines, there is an energetic protective mantle. Very big oness can be as wide as 100m or more, containing many many small information lines.


How a Leyline looks like

I read many information in books and found much information about Leylines on internet, but I never actually found a picture of how such a Leyline looks like. When I had the opportunity to investigate this I have taken this change to picture the circumference of a Leyline. The result of this is shown below.


As you see, Leylines are not round, but have a more Christmas tree kind of shape. Also clearly visible, is that leylines lay just above the surface.


Other phenomena

There are other phenomena besides earth rays that aren’t necessarily included in the definition mentioned above, but can be very harmful as well. For example, it is a bad idea to build a house in a place where there used to be a gallows or a slaughterhouse. This has a very negative influence on the occupants of the house.

Existing Gallow
Still existing Gallow

The same thing applies to bodies under the house or in the garden. I find them quite often, mostly very old (in Europe it is hard to find places that have never been war sites).


To differentiate a little further, one can distinguish between phenomena that are strongly pathogenic just by the radiation strength on one side and phenomena that are harmful solely by the information they contain on the other.

An example of harmful information rather than radiation strength is the situation I encountered in a German town. Waste from the local hospital flows through a waste pipe into the adjacent part of town. The streets above this pipe show an abnormally high rate of disease quite early in life. The inhabitants seem to resonate with the information flowing through the waste pipe.

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