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What earth rays, water veins and electrosmog do to you

Radiation of earth rays, water veins or electrosmog are perceived by the body (so not consciously) and reacts on it with stress and tension. Sleeping is getting hard, because you can’t relax well. The more sensitive you are the more this will burden you. This is also true for the presence of entities, as a matter of fact.

The radiation and stress causes disruption of body processes, and this leads for instance to disbalance of the body’s vitamins and minerals household. This leads to all kinds of symptoms and complaints, you become more sensitive for viruses, bacteria, moulds and by longer duration can lead to chronic diseases.

For more information about diseases and symptoms look at:


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Earth radiation & Water veins

What Earth rays are

The term earth rays or earth radiation is a container term for different kinds of phenomena, like the well know Hartmann- and Curry lines. but also, water veins for instance. Each phenomenon that radiates from the earth is under the definition of earth ray.

There is also radiation that come from the sky and go into the ground, so strictly you can’t speak of earth radiation. But these have the same effect.

Furthermore there are many other phenomena that can have a negative influence on the occupants of a house. Think of energies from former occupants, zones with negative energy, corpses (yes, I also find these occasionally), pollution, bombs/grenades, entities and worse.

For extensive information about earth rays, look at:


What water veins are

About water veins you find the most bizarre explanations on the internet, although it isn’t quite that esoteric. Is actually real physical water flowing on certain depths in the underground.

Water veins do not only give strong radiation, but can also burden a large area. Because also water veins widely outside the house can still give radiation in your home. Something only few dowsers are aware of.

So only looking at water veins under the house is certainly not enough.

For extensive information about water veins, see:


Water vein
Small water vein in a layer of pebble



“We felt it immediately this morning when we woke up, the house feels much better, a real home.
Even my partner said it, although he was a bit sceptic at forehand.”

“It now feels quiet and serene. Especially sleeping is like it was in the past.
Sleeping without waking up tired or disturbed and feeling energetic and fit.”

“It seems for me like I walk through the house lighter.
As if I float.
As before the house was pulling me down and I now can walk up straight.”

Removal of radiation

Radiation of water veins and earth rays can be removed, but this can’t be done by just putting an object somewhere in the house. Also, copper pipes and such in bashed in the ground only help temporarily and are therefore no good solution.

If you really want to get rid of the radiation, then every water vein and important earth rays must be neutralised for extensive times.

For extensive information about neutralising, see:


What electrosmog is

Electro smog is a growing problem, as we want to have reach everywhere and more and more devices getting Wifi or other wireless techniques. And also, oft we are not aware that the converter of the solar panels, the air conditioner or the central heating radiate the whole day through.

People experience vague complaints, but usually don’t connect this to the electro smog they are exposed to.

A part of the people become electro sensitive. These people can’t bare anything anymore. Even if the radiation values are under the firm Standards of the SBM-2015.


Sources of electro smog
Sources of electro smog



“I just can say that I like your attitude:
You really want to help people, you are honest, calm and friendly (working).

These are qualities that help.

I trust you, and have experienced (at least for me)
your help came at the right moment.”


My mission

My mission is helping to prevent that complaints and illnesses can develop by earth radiation, water veins, electromagnetic pollution and other energetic phenomena.

In case complaints and illnesses already have developed can I help to improve recovery. I do this by creating a radiation free sleep-, living- and/or workplace by removing the radiation.

This is important, as staying in the radiation make one therapy resistant. Treatments won’t at all or hardly cure and the change of recurring of the disease is very big.

For extensive information about neutralising, see:

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