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Neutralising earth ray & water vein radiation

In the case of earth rays or water veins under your bed it is best to move the bed so the radiation is avoided or to move to another room. However, this is not always possible. Often the whole house is contaminated with water vein radiation, in which case avoiding it is not an option. In situations like these, neutralising may solve your problem.

Neutralising is possible

Earth rays and water veins can be neutralized

Unfortunately most methods used do not work at all or just temporarily. Besides, changing circumstances are seldom taken into account

When you suspect the presence of earth rays or water veins

Ask a professional to determine which problems there are and where

Someone with the proper training who has proven his/her capabilities and looks further than water veins

Suppressing and harmonizing devices

Be critical. Most devices and objects on the market, even expensive ones, do not work!

Also avoid things that emit their own radiation, like Orgon and tachyon objects

Free your house of radiation

After I have performed a house survey I can remove the radiation of earth rays and water veins for you


“Hi Marcel, I promised to give you some feedback on
your extraordinary performance.
It`s amazing, I walk around the house and garden feeling so much more relaxed!
My usual tension is now completely gone.”


Look at professional help for how I can help you neutralise water veins & earth rays



Neutralising a water vein
Neutralising a water vein

Neutralising earth rays and water veins

Radiation of earth rays and water veins can be neutralized by using geomantic and quantum methods.

Some geomantic methods dating from Roman times still prove effective after over 2000 years. These are permanent solutions. They are very effective but mostly hard to implement in practice.

In the photo you see an old farm house dating back till the 16th century. The oblique stones left under from the window suppress the radiation of the water vein that is flowing their. Just the water vein has become much broader now, so the effect of the suppression is minimal these days.

Still a nice example of how in the past this knowledge was there and was actively used. The technique used is called Opus Spicatum, by the way.

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Harmonising or neutralising water veins and earth rays yourself

It is possible to harmonize or neutralize radiation yourself. It does, however, require the proper knowledge and skills.
Oblique stones placed across a water vein can suppress radiation. For adequate results you must use at least five rows of these stones. Unfortunately, this solution is rarely an option, simply for lack of space.

Finding earth rays

To neutralize earth rays and water veins you must be able to detect earth ray reliably, which requires talent and practice. There are many kinds of earth rays that you should be able to distinguish. If you don’t know what to look for, you won’t find anything. It’s also important to determine the level of radiation and other properties, for example whether a certain type of earth ray is pathogenic. Not all types of earth ray are unhealthy.

Locating earth ray accurately

You need knowledge of reliable means of neutralization or shielding and how to apply them in order for them to work properly. You must be able to locate the earth ray and even some of its component parts accurately.

Neutralization using stones

Certain gemstones, such as tourmaline and rose quartz, effectively shield against earth ray and electro pollution. Again, they must be placed correctly and need to be cleansed from time to time, which is often forgotten in time, rendering them ineffective.

Neutralization using plants

Certain plants have a shielding or neutralising effect, Box-tree for example. Again, correct positioning is crucial. Besides, Box-tree plants should be kept small en replaced when they die. Placing Box-tree on the garden terrace is a good idea but I advise against placing yew trees near your house. Unlike other plants and trees it has a negative effect on us.

Neutralising earth ray using neutralization devices

See “Do neutralization devices work?”

Neutralising earth ray using copper eights, metal pipes etc.

See “The risks of using metal pipes, copper eights etc. for neutralising”.

Removing earth rays

To remove earth rays you need a need a fair amount of knowledge and skills. There are very few dowsers I know of who can do this, besides myself and a colleague. Removal is not always possible, sometimes we must revert to neutralization.

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The difference between neutralisation, suppression and harmonisation


Suppression is based on the assumption that earth rays holds negative information. Removing this negative information renders the earth ray or water vein harmless. The actual radiation is not reduced.


Harmonization usually involves placing an object (or several) somewhere in the house (in a socket, for example) that should harmonize all radiation within a certain perimeter. These are often devices radiating the Shumann frequency (7,83 Hz) or other radiation (often claiming to transform the negative radiation into positive radiation). Occupants sometimes do notice a subjectively positive effect but the radiation of water veins and/or earth rays is not removed and neither are the risks. Besides, I noticed people sometimes become dependent on these devices, even at distances of 200 km.
We should generally strive to reduce radiation, not add any more.
Such devices are a booming business for many companies, prices of 500 to 2000 Euros are no exception…


Neutralization reduces the radiation of the earth ray or water vein itself to harmless levels, based on the notion that such radiation is harmful.
This is my method of choice. I remove radiation because symptoms clearly increase with higher radiation levels.

After neutralization the radiation level is reduced by over 99,9 percent. What little radiation remains is harmless, most dowsers will not even be able to find it. For example: an average water vein is about 370.000 BU in strength. Neutralization reduces the radiation to well below 100 BU (decreasing it by a factor of over 4000). Considering the fact that a healthy person has a life energy ranging between 10.000 and 12.000 BU, 100 BU has little or no effect on us. (BU signifies Bovis Units, a measure for life energy discovered by Anton Bovis)

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The selling of suppression or harmonisation devices

There are many companies selling often expensive neutralization or harmonization devices. They sometimes offer cheap survey, but sell expensive devices as a so-called solution. It is questionable whether such surveys are reliable and the devices are often not without risk and only work for a short amount of time, when at all working.

During house surveys I have encountered many devices installed by people before me. The mere fact of my services being required indicates that these devices did not perform as promised. I have encountered: strong magnets, lead triangles, metal pipes in the ground, copper plates surrounded with lead, suppression rings, tachyon beamers, orgon radiators, flow systems, boxes with coils etc. etc.

It annoys me that besides well-meaning individuals, there are companies that offer house surveys but really are just trying to sell their expensive devices. It is really ridiculous to call someone a radiation expert after a 4 hour seminar from a company selling ‘suppression devices’. They learn how to sell these devices…

I have a very different approach. I do not sell any devices because they just aren’t necessary.

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Do suppression or harmonisation devices actually work?

Yes, to the extent that placing an object that is said to remove radiation (often very expensive), may create a short term placebo effect, leaving the client feeling better for a while.

No, in reality, the problems are not resolved in the long term. The polluting radiation remains but isn’t recognized anymore.

But how is this possible, you may ask?

For instance, there are devices with two very strong magnets of the same polarity glued together and packed in a case of some kind (box, pyramid, etc). The strong magnetic field produced by these polarized magnets renders measuring earth ray impossible, at least to the dowser installing the device. So the dowser experiences a placebo effect as well.

The polluting earth ray then appears to have disappeared. But in reality it is still there and in the long term may cause cancer, for instance, while the client remains unaware of its cause.

It is like trying to measure the light of a candle after placing a 500 Watt construction lamp, it will appear to be gone, but in reality it is still there.

The master who taught me has 25 years of experience and his master before him over 50 years. In conclusion: unfortunately no devices exist that truly remove earth rays, no matter what claims companies make.

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Risks of metal pipes, copper eights etc.

Metal pipes, copper eights etc. neutralize only for a short amount of time. They are as such no permanent solution. The earth ray is merely redirected, which works for a while, but eventually the radiation will return. Reinstalling such neutralization aids won’t work. These solutions have the added disadvantage of spreading the radiation randomly, perhaps creating new problems for you, your family or your neighbors…

The best advice is to always avoid radiation instead of installing such devices, when possible.

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What doesn’t work against earth rays and water veins

What doesn’t work:


  • Mirrors
  • Aluminium foil
  • Strong magnets
  • Lead under the bed, copper etc.
  • Cork

I strongly advise against the use of mirrors and magnets
Mirrors do not reflect the earth ray, but they do reflect our own radiation back to us, which can be harmful
Magnets have very strong radiation levels and are not healthy for us.


  • “Suppression and harmonisation devices”
  • Tachyon radiators
  • Orgon radiators

I also strongly advise against the latter, as they often do more harm than good.
‘Less is more’. We want less radiation, not more!
Also, pure orgon is not produced anymore because our environment is strongly polluted with technical radiation.

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How soon the effect of sleeping without radiation is felt

This depends on the situation.

Exposure to low levels or a short period of radiation

The person will recover quickly without any long term effects.
My clients often report great improvement as soon as the next day or within a couple of days.

Exposure to higher levels or a longer period of radiation

Removing geopathic pollution may cause an initial reaction since the body is not used to sleeping without radiation.

Exposure to high levels or many years of radiation

In such cases improvements will usually take place slowly, especially when there are other negative influences present or after long term use of medication.

In the case of advanced illness

In rare cases a disease can progress more slowly or come to a halt.
Further medical help is necessary but the chances for recovery are greatly improved without the geopathic stress. The patient will respond much better to medical treatment.

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What to do when you’re suspecting the presence of water veins or earth rays

When you suspect earth rays, I suggest finding professional help. Take it seriously and don’t hire just anyone offering solutions. I often encounter previous ‘solutions’ which have done nothing to solve the problem, mostly placed by well-meaning people who just don’t have the knowledge and skills.

Another problem is that many people advertising as dowsers or neutralizers are aware of only some of the many types of pathogenic radiation. For example, the strongest magnetic lines are not taken into account by most, despite the fact that they have the highest pathogenic radiation levels besides water veins and are spaced just ten meters apart. You can only find what you search for and know off.

The best and simplest solution is to avoid the radiation by moving the bed or moving to another bedroom. However, this is not always possible and moving to a new house is a very rigorous solution. Also it will then burden the new inhabitants of the house. Besides, there is also no telling that the situation in the next house is better without a survey first.

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Removal of the radiation or earth rays and water veins from your house

If you suffer from the radiation of water veins or earth rays and want this to be solved, I can can help you. I can neutralize the radiation from distance.
For a description of the my help click the button here.

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