Who we are


My name is Marcel Overeem and I can help you with Earth Rays, Water Veins, Electrosmog and Entities issues.

I’m originally from the Netherlands, but have been living in Germany for many years. After I moved, it turned out that I was on a water vein and an earth ray crossing.

So I know from experience what this radiation can do. That’s how I came to this profession after my (sound) training.

I have a technical and scientific background (technical college – electrical engineer), I am level-headed, see things from different perspectives and work in a structured way. My motivation to really understand things and find solutions is derived from this.




Meisterbrief Marcel

Further education, courses, etc.

In addition to this radiesthesia training, I have also completed a geomancy training.

I also use my training, courses, etc. in the field of quantum techniques and other energetic methods.



My name is Doris Gramer. I grew up in northern Germany in connection with agriculture. This is how I developed an intensive relationship with the environment, animals and people early on.

After moving into my current apartment, various complaints arose.
Thanks to an alternative practitioner, I had a dowser come.
However, this did not eliminate all problems. That was the reason why I dealt more with this topic and started my training.

I am also a person who gets to the bottom of things and looks at things from different perspectives, determines causes and proceeds in a structured way.


Foto Doris


Meisterbrief Doris

Further training

• Tested and certified master dowser
• Certified geomancer
• Coach Recreation
• Tested and certified user “Touch of Matrix”
• Additional further training


Thoroughly trained

We both first completed the training for professional dowser and then the dowser master training with great success, with the best dowser master in Germany at the time.

Both training courses include the implementation and documentation of research, a theoretical examination and a practical examination, taken by 3 master dowsers.

Together with another graduate, we are considered by our master as his 3 best successors.


We got to know each other through this training. Since then, we have increasingly worked together and complemented each other in our work.

Through the intensive cooperation, we were able to develop significantly, combine old and new knowledge, create new methods and ways with which we can work successfully at home.