Who I am

My name is Marcel Overeem and from my profession as dowsing master I can help if you have complaints and illnesses from earth rays, water veins and/or electro smog.

I have been sleeping on a water vein and a crossing of earth rays, so I know what this can do to you. This is also why I came to this profession after being educated.

I have a technical background (electro technical engineer) and I am very steady. I look at things from different perspectives and work in a structured way. What I also have taken from this background, is my drive to really want to understand things and wanting to find solutions.


Foto Marcel



Well educated

In Germany the dowsing knowledge and competences are on a very high level. This has to do with the fact that this knowledge is given further from master to pupil, but also because in Germany it was a normal authorised education till the end of the second world war.

I had a very sturdy education of 4 years from the best dowsing master in Germany. First, I was schooled to be a professional dowser, then I got the opportunity to become a master.

Besides this I also did a geomantic course, this laid the foundation to be able to neutralise radiation


Passing through knowledge

Being a master means also that I have the task to give this knowledge further. I will start courses as soon as this will be possible again.

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