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Earth rays: What it is & How to get rid of it

On this page you’ll find information about earth rays, what they are, the best-known earth ray types, ailments and illnesses caused by earth rays, how to measure or find earth rays and a historic overview of scientific studies about earth rays.

Earth rays can cause many health complaints and even serious illnesses in people (and animals) when they sleep or spend a lot of time in powerful earth rays.
If you have symptoms related to earth ray radiation the advice is to have your house examined by an experienced dowser. Someone who looks further than just water veins.



“Sleep is going well now!
There are many positive changes.

The children are more active and perform more and they sleep better.
They also wake up earlier.

I have much more energy. My husband too.

The house feels calmer and the tension is gone, really nice!”


“I want to let you know that we are sleeping well.

I am without painkillers now for two weeks.
I feel much “lighter” as I have more energy to do things.

Apart from the epiphysis, the bioresonance therapist found no other symptoms anymore.

People around me say that I’m shining again!”




What earth rays are

The term “earth rays” is used for different types of phenomena. Common characteristic is that they radiate from the earth and are often harmful to our health. Several of these give not only symptoms when sleeping or living on it, but can also cause really serious health problems when you stay on it for years. Chronic sicknesses can occur. The change to develop cancer is raised tremendously when staying on the earth rays for many years. This is true for water veins, but also for some other types of earth rays.

Other forms of earth radiation, such as the known Hartmann and Curry lines, aren’t strong enough to cause real troubles.


Existence of earth rays

Earth rays- Old farm
Old farm
Picture of an old farm
Picture of an old farm

Currently people are not aware anymore of earth rays and there are still people who claim that earth rays do not exist at all. But in the past the existence of earth rays was well known and before a house or stable was build, first the local situation was measured.

With old farms till the nineteenth century you can see clearly that these were not build at a random place. The local circumstance were clearly taken into consideration.

Also the partitions in the stables were placed in such way that the animals couldn’t lay on the earth rays.

Old Knowledge

In fact this really old knowledge. When you examine a view stone graves, soon the conclusions is made that the energetic structures are no coincidence. Thez are deliberately chosen places and much is created. 5000 years back they had very much knowledge about this phenomenon and used in actively. Also in churches build in later times you can clearly see that the energies are addressed deliberately, till this day.


In the period just before the war, earth radiation was under great interest of the public and also with doctors. But after the war this subject seems to have vanished. Younger people are not know to these phenomena anymore and discard it as superstition. Until people get confronted with the consequences and start searching for solutions.
Fortunately the consciousness is slowly returning these days.

Modern scientific research

The existence of earth rays and the influence on living organisms have been proven scientifically. For instance, Professor König in Vienna, Austria performed a major government supported study into geopathic influences on living organisms in 1998. The result showed clearly that many body functions are altered when people are in geopathic zones and stay that way when the person does not leave the zone!

The university of Oldenburg, Germany, has proved that pigeons orientate themselves to the Hartmann lines, which are generated by the earth magnetic field. You’ll find a list of scientific studies at the bottom of this page under “History of scientific research into earth rays”.

Earth rays - Magnetometer

There is a device called a magnetometer that measures earth resistance, which allows one to find earth radiation like Hartmann lines. Such devices are used by geologists to find structures within the earth.


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Different kinds of earth rays explained

There are different phenomena we call earth rays. Here the most known types of earth rays are listed.

Hartmann lines

Many dowsers’ websites mentions that Hartmann lines constitute a grid of lines running north/south and east/west, positioned 2 to 2.5 m apart. This seems be quoted left and right but it is not correct.

The direction north/south, east/west is not always the case. In houses the lines are influenced strongly by all the electrical power that is transported and used in homes. When dr. Ernst Hartmann did his research, these earth magnetic lines where much stronger and the amount of electricity used back then was nowhere near that of today. And what’s more, he measured mainly in open fields.

Earth rays - Hartmann grid
Hartmann Grid

So we can’t just assume that these lines run north/south and east/west inside a house. It is even possible that lines suddenly bend in a completely different direction (see the drawings on the neutralisation page). It is important to always measure very thoroughly in important places in the house. A grid like the one in the picture above, left can sometimes look very different.

Thinking in terms of grids also influences the measuring results. The question is: does one find what is really there or does one find what one has in mind? When one is too strongly biased by the notion of grids, this may cause incorrect measurements.

Curry lines

Curry lines can present the same problem. The grid is defined as a grid with 4 x 4 m intervals, but this depends on the location on earth. The closer to the poles, the smaller these distances. These ine were discored by dr. Manfred Curry.

Earth rays - Curry Grid
Curry Grid


Earth fracture lines

Earth fracture lines are often mentioned, but they don’t exist in every region. For instance, in the Netherlands earth fractures do exist, but they are positioned deep inside the earth and are caused by plate tectonics.

However, these are not the fracture lines mentioned in German literature, which are cracks in rock formations close to the earth surface and through which water may flow. This only occurs in regions where rock formations are close to or on the surface, like hills and mountains.

These earth fractures do not have small lines, but look rather like radiation from water veins.

Earth rays - fractures in rock
Fractures in rock


Benkers should also be avoided as they have a strong radiation. These lines are about 60 to 70 cm wide and every 10 meter you will find one. Unfortunately, many dowsers do no know Benkers and can therefore do nothing about them.

These lines draw much energy from our body. People sleeping on a Benker complain about lack of energy and depressions. The experience learns that, when they are taken off of these lines, they recover very fast.

Water veins

Water veins are also earth rays, as they emit their radiation from the ground also. There is a lot to say about water veins. Therefore, I have made a separate page for this theme. Water veins, what is it? How to get rid off it

Great orthogonal grid

These are like the Hartmann lines, but have a much bigger distance between them. About 24 till 30 meters apart. These lines are not that strong and seldom cause real trouble.

Great diagonal grid

The diagonal grid is like the Curry lines, but have a distance off 36 meters from each other. So these lines are not that strong and seldom cause trouble.

Other earth rays

There are many kinds of lines and grids, but not all cause geopathic effects. There are also lines that do not radiate from the earth, but radiate in opposite direction, from the sky. Strictly speaking these are not earth rays. There are also many other energetic phenomena that have nothing to do with earth rays but can be harmful as well, such as entities, black magic etc..


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Origin of earth rays

Magnetic field
Magnetic field

There are a lot of theories about the origin of earth rays. A theory is, that earth rays origin from the earth magnetic field. The earth’s core is made of iron and this rotates in liquid magma. But the core spins not at the same speed as we on the earth’s surface.

The rotation of the iron core generates the earth’s magnetic field. This field we find as magnetic lines on the earth’s surface. These lines can be seen as the lines around a magnet that are made visible through iron filings on paper. See the picture.

This seems a plausible explanation for earth rays like Hartmann, Curry and Benker. These have clearly a relation with magnetism. But there are also other earth rays that a different from nature and have another origin.

Artificial lines

Certain lines emerge from transformer houses. These lines appear to be the sane as the already mentioned Benker. In the surrounding there you can find more of these lines. The origin of these earth rays by magnetism seems to be right.

So, these lines are magnetic from nature. And by this characteristic they are influenced by electricity. Only that these line scan be shifted or even removed seems contradictionary. Also I was able to determine depths of these lines, something you wouldn’t expect.

Water veins

For water veins it is much simpler and clearer. The cause of this radiation lies in water pressing itself through sand or pebbles layers in the underground. For information about water veins see over Water veins .


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The chance to sleep on an earth ray

Hartmann & Curry grids
Grids: Hartmann & Curry

Unfortunately the harmful effects of sleeping on an earth ray are widespread. The chances are that you are influenced by earth rays to at least some extent. Käthe Bachler, a well-known Austrian dowser says that just one in seven people are lucky enough to sleep completely free from these influences.

Just think about it, if Hartmann lines are 2 to 6 meters apart and Curry lines, that run diagonally relative to the Hartmann lines, are 3,5 to 4 meters apart at the latitude Great Britain, it is obvious that there is not much space between these 2 grids without any radiation. See the image below.

This doesn’t necessarily cause serious health complaints or even diseases; that takes a really strong geopathic zone like a water vein or a Benker. Hartmann lines and Curry lines are usually not strong enough to cause any real problems.

Crossings of these lines are different, however. They can create strong radiation, are potentially very unhealthy and are seen as cancer points.

When I find Hartmann and/or Curry lines in a sleeping area during a house survey, I neutralise them, just to be sure.


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Complaints and illnesses by Earth rays

Earth rays can cause various ailments and illnesses, especially when slept on. When we sleep, we are much more sensitive to influences by radiation, plus a larger part of our body is exposed to it lying down. This is why the bed is always the most important subject of investigation in a house survey. This is the place where we regenerate. Everything that disturbs this regeneration has a direct impact on our health.

Studies of earth radiation effects

Several studies have shown the link between diseases and earth radiation, see “History of scientific research into earth rays” on this page. Well known dowser Käthe Bachler, who published several books about her findings (thousands of house surveys!), mentions that pathogenic zones were present in all of the cases of cancer she encountered.

Earth ray - consequences
Earth ray consequences

Symptoms caused by earth rays are: stomach ailments, frequent ear and nose infections, bed-wetting, some types of asthma, bronchitis, emotional or mental problems, chronic diseases ranging from coeliac disease to cancer. See the symptoms page for more information: Symptoms earth rays, water veins and electrosmog.

When start problems to occur

Whether a person actually develops problems depends on the strength of the earth rays and the time spent in them, but also on the person’s own resistance. So the effect may differ from person to person.

There are types of earth ray that should always be avoided because their radiation is strong. Other earth rays may influence us but do not make us sick. It depends on the situation whether they are pathogenic or not. So it is very important to distinguish between different types and strengths of radiation. Just observing the presence of radiation is simply not enough.


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Measuring earth rays

Earth rays are measured and found with divining rods, tensors and pendulums by people who are sensitive enough, called dowsers or radiaestethics. The Greek word radia means radiation and easthesia means perceiving. So, someone who perceives radiation.
There are also electronic devices that can detect earth rays but these are too expensive and bulky to use in house surveys.

Dowsers usually measure the house in search of water veins and perhaps some other types of earth radiation. But often little attention is paid to the bed and the radiation inside the bed is rarely measured, let alone removed.

There are many types of divining rods, but it is important to distinguish between mental dowsing and physical dowsing.

Mental dowsing

In mental dowsing the thing one is seeking is kept in mind while a track is walked with a divining rod (there are various kinds) which will then respond to what one is searching for.

Tensors and pendulums are used as well, in pretty much the same manner, but these are handier for asking questions. On the other hand, walking with a pendulum or tensor is less practical. In practice the dowser chooses the tool best suited to the circumstances.

Dowsing rods
Dowsing rods
One hand rod
One hand rod


Physical dowsing

In this branch of divining the dowsers use so called Lecher-antennas or H3-antennas. The basic assumption here is that phenomena have a specific frequency (=wave length) and by adjusting the antenna to a certain wave length while walking a track, the antenna will react when it engages the frequency in question. For optimal effects, mental techniques are also use in this method.

Lecher antenna
Lecher antenna

I personally use both kinds of divining, but I am more of a mental diviner by nature. Mental divining is more flexible and much faster. I use the H3-antenna for special cases and sometimes to double check things.

See also Neutralising earth rays and water veins for more information what is needed for neutralising.


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Shielding, neutralising or harmonising earth rays

There are many companies that offer products that supposedly counteract earth rays. I often encounter these products during house surveys and in my experience, they have little or no effect.
There is a lot of rubbish on the market and there are many people, meaning well perhaps, with too little knowledge and/or skills.
You’ll find more information about neutralising and harmonising on the page about neutralising: Neutralising earth rays and water veins.


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History of scientific studies into earth rays


Around 1860 a scientific study about earth rays was conducted by the English researcher A. Haviland. He concluded that in regions with chalk layers less people died of cancer than in regions with deep clay layers.


In 1910 Professor Gockel published a work about radiation out of the earth, which he related to diseases.


In 1927 the Stuttgart based doctors Winzer and Meizer studied the relationship between houses with occupants with cancer and geopathic zones. They found that the houses of people with cancer were often built over the geological fractures that ran below the city.


In 1929 a pioneering study was published by Freiherrn von Pohl about the village of Vilisiburg in southern Germany. He made a map of the different kinds of zones and compared this with the addresses of cancer cases in the village. They turned out to match perfectly.

Freiherrn von Pohl
Freiherrn von Pohl

The thirtees

In 1931 Dr Hagen repeated Von Pohls study in Stettin and also concluded that all cases of cancer corresponded with the stronger geopathic zones.

In the 1930’s the relationship between earth rays and diseases was known. The famous surgeon Professor Sauerbruch advised his patients after surgery not to sleep in the bed where they had become ill.

From 1934 to 1939 there were several studies in Germany and France around this theme, for instance Dr Rambeau in Marburg., engineer Cody in Le Havre and Dr V. Brehmer.
In that period, several medical specialists’conferences were held on the subject of earth rays and cancer. Doctors were then clearly more openminded in those days.

The fiftees

Great achievements were made by dr. Ernst Hartmann, dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Aschdorff, who conducted many studies and convincingly showed that living organisms react differently to geopathic zones (earth rays) than to neutral zones.

Dr. Hartmann
Dr. Hartmann

1988 and after

In 1988 Prof. König in Vienna conducted a large government supported study into geopathy, showing that many body functions are altered indefinitely in geopathic zones as long as the person remains in said zones.

In 1992 Prof. Bergsmann published a study with similar significant results.

In 1992 have dr. Rudolf Keßler and Andreas Kopschina conducted a study with the subject; locally and technical radiation as cause of chronic therapy resistant illnesses.
See the links hereunder for information:

It can no longer be denied that earth rays influence us, there is just too much scientific proof.


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