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Earth rays: What they are and what you can do about them

Earth rays radiate from the earth, some of them are so strong that they cause complaints and diseases. Neutralizing the radiation prevents this.

So only a few give complaints. The reason for these complaints lies in the great strength of the radiation.
The strong radiation eventually weakens our immune system. If this continues for a long time, serious illnesses may develop. In practice I often hear that the neighbors who live on the strong earth ray. Often all have got serious illnesses.

It is therefore very important to really remove the radiation to prevent damage to your health. By neutralizing the earth’s rays, the radiation disappears. And when the radiation is gone, the complaints they cause also disappear.


Marja’s experience with neutralizing earth rays

Below is an example of Marja who approached me with complaints that she described in the application. And her experience more than a month after the remote neutralization of the earth rays.


“I’ve had a home biologist at home before and he disrupted our house with polers. I don’t think this helped enough, I continue to have serious physical complaints.

As I am highly sensitive, I feel that the fracture and water vein are still there. I have commuted in several places and see that the problems have not been solved.

I have the following complaints: insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, tingling (especially in my face) and I am very often very sick.”

“Hello Marcel,
It’s nice to know that I can call on you again if there’s anything else.

As for my health: After a year full of misery, I’m doing very well again!

Since you neutralized our house, things are getting better every day, my stomach and intestinal complaints are gone and I sleep well again.

In short, I feel like a different person again!

Thank you. Greetings Maria



What Earth rays are

Earth rays radiate from the earth, some of them are so strong that they cause complaints and diseases. Neutralizing the radiation prevents this.

There are therefore several types of rays, and together we call them all earth rays. So it is a collective term. “Earth” indicates that the radiation radiates upward from the Earth. Although there are also those that radiate into the earth from the sky. For simplicity, we also call these earth rays.

Another term for this is also; “Zone”. But we also often call them “Line”. This is because they usually have the shape of a narrow line. The word “Grid” is also commonly used. This is because they often occur both in one direction and in the perpendicular direction. They then often form grids.

In whichever direction they radiate, they give off a certain radiation. This radiation can vary enormously in strength. The different types of earth rays have different strengths, but the strength can also vary greatly within certain types. E.g. water veins can be from strong to as much as ten times this. And the stronger the radiation, the more explicit the complaints of residents are.

Effects of earth rays
Effects of earth rays


Recognizing the presence of earth rays

Earth rays in and around your home can be recognized by various things. Such as, for example, plants that do not want to grow well in a place or even keep dying there.
But also to trees that have tree cancer. Or a place where accidents happen regularly. Or where lightning strikes again and again. But also due to serious diseases in humans and animals.

Another thing that customers often report is a feeling of cold. The house often feels cold and chilly. Also an oppressive feeling when you enter the house. And if you sleep better elsewhere than at home (e.g. during the holidays), then that is certainly a sign that something is not right at home.

Radiation from earth rays

So, Earth rays give radiation. But what exactly is that radiation?

There are several theories. But be that as it may. In any case, they behave like a kind of laser beams, as it were. Because they remain very concentrated and only spread very slightly when going up. So even high up in a flat, the radiation is still strong.

It also appears that no material really blocks the radiation. Not lead or copper. But cork and plastic foil also do nothing against it. There is a wide range of these types of products on the market, but they do not work.

There is, also, a refraction effect. At the transition of the earth or concrete or similar to the air this effect occurs. This means that there is also radiation next to the zone.

What is the probability that you sleep on earth rays?

Earth rays: Hartmann & Curry grids

Hartmann & Curry grids

There isn’t much room left with these 2 alone

There are many, many smaller Earth rays that are everywhere. A few of them are widely known and have been named. These are usually named after the name of the person who discovered them. But there are many more that are nameless. We live, as it were, on a large tapestry of many kinds of earth rays. You will therefore hardly be able to find a really free place. We essentially always sleep on it.

How bad this is depends on the type and therefore on the strength and other characteristics. So there are also those that don’t cause a problem.

Käthe Bachler

Käthe Bachler was a known dowser from Austria. She surveyed more than a thousand houses in her lifetime.
As a mathematician, she has practiced a lot of statistics. She wrote extensively about her experiences.
She wrote that only 1 in 7 people are lucky enough to sleep completely free of radiation. In doing so, she started from the well-known earth rays such as Hartmann and Curry. But not from the many others out there….

Origin of the earth’s rays

Earth rays: Magnetic field
Magnetic field

Earth rays are a fact, but why are they even there? Where do they come from? In any case, part of the earth’s rays come from the earth’s magnetic field. For example, the Earth’s magnetic field causes the Hartman and Curry lines. We call these magnetic lines. Due to their magnetic nature, these lines are therefore strongly influenced by the electric current in the house.
This is evident from the fact that these lines run parallel to the walls in houses. They are therefore not necessarily located from north to south or from east to west. Especially when there are several houses in a row. This is due to the electric current running through the walls. This causes the lines to bend.

The water veins are also earth rays. After all, they also radiate upwards from the earth. This radiation is caused by the friction of the water with the sand or gravel.

It is not known how many of the earth’s rays originate. This is also because there is little research in this area.

Devices that measure earth rays

Measuring earth rays with a magnetometer
A Magnetometer can also find earth rays

Earth rays can also be found with Magnetometers. This device measures the resistance in the earth. It is used to find structures in the soil.

In addition, there are other devices that can find part of the earth’s rays. But these are very large and very expensive. Therefore, they are not practical to use for a home survey. Measuring with a dowsing rod or pendulum is therefore more suitable.

Types of earth rays

There are many types of earth rays. Here is a list of the most known.

  • Hartmann lines
  • Curry Lines
  • Large orthogonal grid
  • Large diagonal grid
  • Benkers
  • Faults in the rocky bed
  • Land subsidence
  • Water veins
  • And many more

On this sub-page you will also find information about how to find earth rays and an overview of the research that has been done into it.


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Existence of earth rays

The assumption here is that earth rays exist. Because the existence of earth rays is still denied by many people. Often because it just doesn’t fit into their view of the world. But there are also authorities that have an interest in people remaining ignorant about it.

And the latter group in particular tries to portray everything that has to do with this as foolish. This as a way to prevent people from taking it seriously and getting into it.

If, like me, you experience the effects of earth rays on people every day and see what neutralizing earth rays does for people. Then it is rather annoying that this topic is so actively being covered up …

Ancient Knowledge

This is actually very old knowledge. stone graves are a good example of this. When investigating a stone grave, something quickly catches the eye. The place where they stand has been chosen very deliberately. And it also appears that a lot is created.

The energy there was used very consciously and even planned for their purposes.

So you can see that 5000 years ago people already had a lot of knowledge about the earth rays. And that this knowledge was also actively used.

Stone grave

Church and Freemasons and Earth Rays

Until the Inquisition, the church mainly built churches on the ancient stone graves. Very often you can even see the stones lying there.
On the one hand, to make this symbol of the faith of the pagans disappear. On the other hand to use the energy of the earth rays there for their own purpose.

Since the Middle Ages, people with a lot of knowledge in this area built the great churches. So they had a lot of knowledge about these energies. And knew how to use this for a purpose. These people called themselves Freemasons. And they still exist.


The black & white grid is typical of the Freemasons
It refers to the nets of earth rays

square and compasses
The square and compasses is one of the best-known symbols of the Freemasons

If you know what you’re looking at, you’ll recognize their symbolism everywhere. The square and compasses refers to their origin, the builders of the churches. And the ‘Eye in the sky’ refers to the great creator. You also see the grid a lot, this points to the knowledge about the earth rays.

Knowledge is power

Even today, a church is still energetically furnished by people who are employed by the church. Besides, the place where a church once stood is not recommended to live. A lot of misery is left behind, which causes a great deal of inconvenience to the residents.

Staff as dowsing rod
The Bishop’s Rod is a divining rod!

Just a side step, the staff of a bishop), what do you think that is? It is a dowsing rod that goes back to the Etruscans . In France there is a statue where even the stripes on the staff are depicted. This made it possible to search for a specific earth ray, e.g. water. So there is a lot of knowledge within the church.

At many springs with healing water, it is often reported that a bishop struck the rocks with his staff. And that’s when the water came out. What’s really behind this is that the staff found the water with it.

The staff that King Charles III held in his right hand during his coronation is also a symbol of power. But this also refers to the knowledge about the earth rays. So there is much more to it than ordinary people even suspect.

Why this story? This is to raise awareness that there are parties who have no interest in people taking earth rays seriously. They want to keep the knowledge to themselves. Or, for example, they have an interest in people getting ailments from it. While a lot of people would be better if they got rid of it.


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What to do against earth rays

There are several options if you are burdened by earth rays. You can try to swerve. Or you try to do something about the symptoms. Or you can neutralize the earth rays.


Evading seems the most obvious. However, practice shows that it is often very difficult to position the bed in such a way that it is really free of radiation. The radiation is usually present over a large area. And rarely is the bedroom so big that you can actually slide out of the zone. Because the radiation is usually present over a large area.

But even if you manage to move your bed out of the main zone, you still have to deal with the adjacent radiation. The loaded area is in practice larger than the earth ray itself. This is very often forgotten. The radiation next to the zone itself is different, but also causes complaints in the long run.

Moving is also an option. It is costly and usually undesirable. And you don’t know what you’ll find in your new home.

Put something under the bed

A lot of things are sold for on or under the bed. But unfortunately there is no material that stops this radiation. So cork or plastic foil are of no use. Just like lead or copper, etc.

Fighting symptoms

Of every device or object that is claimed to take away everything in a circumference of x meters, there is not one that actually proves that. And if you think logically for a moment, that is not possible either. How would an object to your right block the radiation from your left? It doesn’t.

Many of these things actually emit a lot of radiation themselves. This in an attempt to do something about your symptoms. But they don’t take away the radiation. And with that, the risks to your health remains.

Make no mistake, these things aren’t really innocent either. There are even people who got serious health problems of it. So you have to be very careful. There are also those that even appear to work against improvement. They must therefore first be removed before neutralization is meaningful.


A better option is to neutralize the earth rays that run through your house. This removes all the radiation of earth rays completely from your house. So removing the cause instead of trying to do something about the symptoms. Because the radiation is then really gone, it does no longer matters how you position the bed or where you sit. But the most important thing is, that the risks of serious things in the long run due to the earth rays are gone.

The neutralization does not require any device or object. There is therefore no maintenance, such as rinsing. The problem is, that this is soon forgotten.

The radiation is stopped before it can enter the house. This is very effective and always works. The complaints will therefore disappear if they are caused by the earth rays. My clients report feeling peace and space in their home afterwards. And often only now to really feel at home.



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Earth rays complaints and diseases

Earth rays can cause various complaints. This is especially the case if you sleep on it. Because when we sleep we are much more sensitive to radiation. If you lie flat, you take up a larger surface. Due to the larger surface, the chance of lying on a earth ray is therefore much greater.

Studies into complaints and diseases

Over time, several studies of Earth rays were conducted. This shows that earth rays can cause various diseases. Diviners also have this experience. In cases of cancer, there is almost always strong radiation. But other chronic diseases can also develop.

For comprehensive lists of earth ray complaints, see: Complaints about earth rays, water veins and electrosmog.

When will you get trouble

Whether you will suffer from earth radiation mainly depends on the strength. Second, it depends on how long you stay in it. And third, it depends on your own resistance. So the effect can be different from person to person. Additional things such as stress also play a role in this. Earth rays are therefore a burden on the body. Just like there can be other burdens as well. If the sum of the loads becomes too great and the body can no longer cope, chronic problems will arise.


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