Professional help with water veins, earth rays and more

On this page you will find descriptions of the help I can offer you with problems with water veins and other earth rays. You will also find information about my services and who I am here.

But first a short summary about water veins and earth rays and the different approaches used.


Water veins and earth rays

Water veins and earth rays are vague things to many people and there are people who don’t believe in them at all. But if you see the consequences of earth radiation on people (and animals) every day and what removing it does for them. Then you will really look at it differently.

Here you will find a very brief overview about water veins and earth rays.

Water veins

Water veins are the best known earth rays. They are underground water flows in sand or gravel layers. The friction of the water with the material causes radiation that we observe above ground as water vein radiation.

After publishing on this site what a water vein is, this definition has been adopted by many. There seems to be a consensus, but that was different before.

Through my extensive research into water veins and neutralization techniques during my training as a master in this field in Germany, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and insight into this.

Water veins are common, because rivers have deposited many sand and gravel layers over time.


The radiation from an average water vein is dangerous because it is strong. This can cause complaints and lead to diseases in the long term. Poor sleep, feeling of cold, etc. are common complaints.

There are also water veins that are much stronger, causing much more severe complaints. Pain in the legs, headaches, a feeling of oppression in the house, etc. But customers also report that several neighbors along the line of strong water veins suffer from or have died from cancer and other chronic diseases.

Earth rays

In addition to water veins, there are other earth rays that emit strong radiation and therefore cause complaints. Apart from the knowledge from my training, over time I have discovered several other earth rays that cause problems and whose radiation must be removed.

For example, there is a type of earth ray that is quite strong and of which there are always a few that pass through the house. Walking through it is not a problem, but if you sleep or sit on it, it causes clear complaints. but unfortunately this is rarely looked into.

There are also earth rays that are much larger than water veins and are at least as strong. So there is clearly more than just water veins to look at.

On the other hand, there are earth rays that are very narrow and not strong, such as the Hartmann and Curry lines. These rarely cause problems. So not all earth rays cause complaints.

Further information about water veins and earth rays

You will find extensive detailed information on the information pages about water veins and earth rays (see menu at the top of the screen or at the bottom of the page). The information there is profound. You will not easily find a site with more information.


Different approaches to problems with earth rays

Here is a brief overview of methods that are in vogue in attempting to solve the problems with earth radiation.

Avoid, divert, put something under the bed

Avoiding, i.e. moving the bed, seems the most obvious option. But usually the radiation is very widespread and avoidance is not possible. And, what is usually forgotten, is that there is also radiation besides the main zone.

Diverting, a pipe or something like that is hammered into the ground on the water vein. Afterwards the radiation appears to be gone. But the radiation comes out somewhere at the top and can lead to new problems. Such solutions also only work temporarily, also because they are too narrow.

There is no material that blocks the radiation, so lead, plastic, mirrors, etc. etc. are of no use. It would also not be a solution for radiation coming from the side.


The starting point here is that negative information is the culprit. This negative information is what is removed, but the earth radiation itself is not removed.

Kim’s experience

“We had someone come by, who ultimately said just move the bed. But that didn’t change anything.”

Harmonize with devices, objects

There are a lot of boxes, equipment, plastic pipes or braided pieces of copper wire, etc. placed somewhere in or outside the home. A lucrative market.

But no box, device or any other object that you simply place anywhere will remove radiation!

In contrast, most of these devices emit radiation themselves in an attempt to address your symptoms. This is the reason for the claimed effect in a certain area.

Even though this is often claimed, they do not neutralize or disrupt.


With neutralizing the earth radiation itself is removed, because this is what causes the complaints.

Objects placed on a water vein are often too small, due to the movement of the water veins (depending on the amount of rain in a period). In addition, these objects often do not appear to neutralize sufficiently, because they quickly become saturated and therefore lose their effect.

A better solution is to neutralize energetically. The advantage is that there are no restrictions on the required strength and width. There is also no saturation. So it continues to work.
This is the way I neutralize.


Effective approach for removing the earth rays radiation

If you are burdened by earth rays, it is important to remove the radiation. This removes the complaints they cause, but also, and even more importantly, prevents serious health damage in the future. The latter even if you are not experiencing any complaints now. Unfortunately, I know several examples of this.


First, a thorough investigation is carried out to determine which water veins and other earth rays burden the house and where exactly they are located. An analysis of your house, stable or company.

This knowledge is necessary to be able to neutralize the earth rays found. The most important characteristic of the neutralization is that earth radiation is permanently removed.

The home analysis and the neutralization are described in more detail further down on this page.

Actual removal of earth ray radiation

I emphasize here the actual removal of the earth ray radiation, because this is what distinguishes this approach from others.

For the many people for whom I carried out an analysis, where one or more investigations had previously taken place, all earth radiation was always still present. Several customers had already 5 or even one already had 8 people at home trying to solve the problems before.

But as long as earth radiation stays, the long-term health risks remain.

Only by truly removing earth radiation can you prevent the risk of serious events in the future, in addition to the current complaints.

Example of Gerard

Over the years, Gerard had already had no less than 8 people over! But nevertheless, during the home analysis, all radiation was still present.

Cheap turned out to be expensive, but expensive equipment didn’t solve anything either.

A strong earth ray had not been noticed before and after the neutralization also the radiation from the water veins was finally removed.

After many years, Gerard has now been freed from his complaints.

Gerben’s experience received on March 30, 2024

“Dear Marcel,
It has now been over 2 weeks since you investigated and neutralized my house.
This is my report;

– 40-year-old partial (50%) swallowing paralysis:
Improved to 70% (very unexpected and very nice!)

– Back pain due to worn intervertebral discs:
A clear improvement.

– Severe stomach acid problems for 3 years:
After your neutralization it got much worse for about a week.
Now it is stabilizing and is already better than before your neutralization. I also believe in further improvement.

– I have also a serious infection in my elbow for 5 years,
it has improved with 50%.

– 60% loss of smell due to Corona:

Furthermore, I can say that I have become a more complete and resilient person.
More energy and less gloomy.
The house has peace and tranquility as more of your customers say.

I am very satisfied with your work Marcel. It’s great that you can do this!

Grateful regards,


How does the application work?

You can request a home analysis by completing and sending the contact form. I will then receive your request in my mailbox.

Indicate in the description which complaints you and/or your housemates experience and outline the situation.

If you have any questions, I will answer them first. I may also have questions.

Do you then decide that you want me to carry out a home analysis, or also the neutralizations directly, for you. Then I will give you my account number.

After receiving the compensation, I will start working on it as quickly as possible. Normally within 2 to 3 working days.


An analysis of your home for terrestrial radiation costs €200. You will receive a detailed report. Based on the results and advice, you can then decide whether you want to have the found radiation neutralized.

Neutralizing the earth radiation found costs €350.

If you want to have it neutralized immediately after the analysis, this will cost a total of €500.

These prices apply to homes. We agree on the price in advance for stables, companies or other large objects.

Prices are for private individuals including VAT.


For an analysis and possible neutralization, go to




Description of the help offered

Below are the descriptions of the contents of the home analysis and the neutralization of water veins and other earth rays.


Analysis of your home, stable or business

This is an intensive and extensive investigation of your home, company, stable or plot for earth rays and water veins.

More than 50 different things are checked.

How the analysis is performed

The analysis takes place on aerial photographs (from GoogleEarth, etc.) using a technique called ‘Mapdowsing’.

Distance is not a factor

There is of course no earth radiation on the screen, but the information is available. This way I can determine where which earth rays are.

Distance plays no role in this, besides the European mainland, I have also helped people in the US, Canada and Australia, for example.

Better than on-site measurements

Why aerial photographs? For example, you cannot measure on location in homes and neighbors’ gardens or water bodies around the house. While this is often necessary to get a correct picture of the situation.

I regularly see that in previous measurements things have been overlooked or wrong conclusions have been drawn.

These limitations do not apply when working on aerial photographs.

Experience of Harriët

“The strong water vein matches exactly that of the dowser we engaged.

He had only indicated the strong water vein on the North side of the house, not the 2 from North to South. Not even the Benkers and Hoogeveen line.”

Spacious area around the house

Apart from water veins, there are other earth rays that can still radiate radiation into the home from even greater distances.

This is the reason why I look almost 100 meters on all sides around the house.

Frederic’s experience in the Ypres area

“Right in one of the places where you found a dead body,
After ploughing, we found English boots!”

I also find corpses and bombs/grenades every now and then.


This extensive analysis costs 200 Euro for a home.
This includes VAT for private individuals.

Experience of Niels

“My wife is very impressed by the way.
Exactly the places where she didn’t feel comfortable.”

Niels and his wife were looking for a new house and first had a property analyzed before making an offer

Analysis report

You will receive an extensive analysis report with the found earth rays drawn in photos of your house, as well as some explanation and advice.

You can then decide whether you want to have the water veins and other earth rays found neutralized.

If you prefer to have the earth’s rays neutralized immediately after the analysis, that is also possible.

Onderzoek op afstand2
3 water veins through the house + a strong earth ray


Neutralization of water veins and earth rays

After an analysis, the radiation from the found water veins and earth rays can be completely removed.

By applying neutralizations, your home (and garden) or stable/company becomes radiation-free.

Energetic neutralization

Neutralization works by applying certain energy and information to every water vein and earth ray that burdens you. And even before it comes into the house. See also the photo for an idea.

For many people it is unimaginable that this is possible, I realize that. That is why customer experiences on this site are so important. I can try to explain all kinds of things, but what customers experience is what ultimately matters.

And these are experiences from real customers. I don’t do fakes!

There is a comparison to be drawn with methods such as Reiki. People can also be treated remotely with this. This is how I treat your house from a distance, as it were.

aardstralen neutraliseren
Neutralization of a strong earth ray coming from the right
After neutralization, the radiation on the left is completely gone
The radiation is therefore removed from the house on the left

Duration of action of the neutralizations

After having carried out well over a thousand neutralizations for a few hundred customers, I can safely say that neutralizing always works.

If you only suffer from earth rays, you can expect that the complaints will disappear or at least improve significantly after the neutralization.

The neutralization has a long-lasting effect, in principle indefinitely. The first neutralization is from 2015, it still works.

The changes are usually noticeable on the first night. Sensitive people literally notice it immediately.

General trend that customers report back is:


  • Be able to fall asleep or stay asleep again and wake up feeling rested
  • No more cramps or pain in, for example, legs
  • Not having to go to the toilet again and again at night
  • Warm and cozy in the house instead of chilly and cold
  • Rest to serene rest
  • Feeling like the house is your home and not like you are visiting
  • No longer a heavy and/or oppressive feeling in the home, but a feeling of space, light and air
  • Have more energy


Neutralization costs €350 for a home.
This includes VAT for private individuals.


We agree on the price in advance for companies, stables and other large objects.

Celine’s experience

“Just an update from this side.
It has really been so much quieter in the house since the neutralization!

Super nice! We and our dog are a lot calmer and sleep better!”


After neutralization, there is no restriction in where you sleep or sit, because all radiation from the earth’s rays (including the smaller ones) has been completely removed.

If your complaints are caused by the water veins and earth rays found, you will quickly and permanently notice improvement. Most people notice it the first night.


Couple of customer experiences

Experience of Luc from Geraardsbergen

“For the new home, the water veins were gradually neutralized remotely. This is followed by the earth rays and the entities.

After each neutralization, the change in the home was immediately noticeable in a positive way. It is now very quiet in the house, a huge difference!

Neutralizations were also carried out for the old house.
Was there afterwards to pick up our chickens.
Never before have I experienced it so pleasantly in the garden.
I am extremely grateful to Marcel.

In fact, every home should receive these neutralizations.”


The family fled their self-built home after 5 years because it was unbearable. Despite the fact that studies had already been carried out before. Luc contacted me because of the new home.

Experience of Ria

“My house is still much nicer than before your visit.
Our neighbor can use a dowsing rod
and she showed that at our house.
In the garden the sticks turned outward and she said:
Here they have been neutralized!

Also neutralized in the conservatory. The kitchen was neutral.
They were neutralized in the dining room near the table.”


I received this response in September 2023.
In 2020 I neutralized with Ria

The experience of Luc

“Marcel, First of all, thank you for your professional work.
Sleeping is much better, more rested
and the chill is also better in the bedroom.

In the living room the pressure on the shoulders is still gone
and we sit in the room without knowing it anymore,
everything feels airier in the entire home.

It’s constantly evolving and that’s really nice.
But the most important thing is enormous admiration for you,
To this day I still don’t understand how you did it
but it is craftsmanship!

Thanx Marcel”

3 previously attempts from others had failed…

The experience of Jeanet

“It took a while, but here’s another message with an update.
It’s going very well!

We sleep all the way through the night!
We don’t know what’s happening to us!

Everything is a lot calmer and we are getting around to things again
such as tidying up and cleaning.
I notice that I dare and can look to the future again.”


This was a complex situation with very different issues than just normal earth rays. The complaints were also severe.

The experience of Roelof

“I think I have suffered from headaches every day for more than 30 to 35 years.
And took about 4 to 5 Finimals a day to suppress it.

But since you removed the radiation remotely
the headache is reduced almost immediately and gets better day by day.

Usually no longer wake up with a headache in the morning.

I hope that this development will continue and that I will soon get rid of my headache.

Since 2008, I have had every possible investigation, but the medical world couldn’t find anything…”


Also a good example of what earth radiation can cause

The experience of Toine and Nelly

“We came home on Friday and were not informed,
that you had already initiated the neutralization.

Actually, we noticed immediately after entering that something was “different”. An oppressive feeling, which we had been used to for years, was no longer there.

After about an hour I could climb the stairs much better and the occasional pain in my neck and shoulders was less. This also applies to my wife, who also experienced reduced pain during the day.

We no longer feel the cold feeling that radiated from the floor.
The house no longer feels cold, but feels cozy and warm.

Obviously both very happy with this metamorphosis.”



Information about the help provided

I dare say that it works to remove the radiation from earth rays and water veins.

Also witness the many positive reactions from clients from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also internationally, Europe, Canada, USA and even Australia.


Can I also promise that all your complaints will be guaranteed to disappear after detecting and removing the radiation?

No, that would be a lie, no one can promise something like that.

Because in addition to the earth rays and water veins, there may be other factors at play. For example, entities also appear to cause many complaints. In addition, a complaint such as poor sleep can of course also have other causes.

But fortunately, almost all clients experience the removal of radiation and entities very clearly and usually from the first night.

Serious diseases

If there is a serious illness, removing the earth rays and water veins will promote recovery or make it possible in the first place.

But removing the radiation itself does not make the disease disappear on its own. This requires a recovery process and will continue to require medical support.


I am concerned with preventing serious diseases from developing due to long-term exposure to radiation.

It is nice that symptoms and complaints that people have disappear, but preventing worse in the long term is the most important goal.

No commercial nonsense

I don’t do commercial nonsense such as so-called ‘money back guarantee’ or “free research”. A nice lure, but in practice it turns out to be quite disappointing.

Customer experiences

The customer experiences, such as those on this page, are from real customers and are intended to give more substance to my story.

I can say all kinds of things, but in the end it’s all about what people experience!



About Marcel

I am Marcel Overeem and after my own experience with earth radiation, I followed the best training available in Germany for 4 years.

There I graduated to become a master in this field with the one who was generally regarded as the best among dowsers. At the end of the training he indicated that I am his best successor.

In Germany, the level of knowledge in this area is much higher, also because there was official vocational training for it until the end of the war. This knowledge is still passed on.

I have also followed training in geomancy and energetic techniques, among other things. My original background is in technology (Electrical Engineer).

In addition to the extensive knowledge gained from the training, I have developed further over time from experience with customers. I have discovered various earth rays and other phenomena that also need to be removed to achieve peace in the house.

In addition to earth radiation, I also do more and more with people themselves, such as coaching, solving themes, removing unpleasant presences and curses, etc.

My Master Certificate