Water Veins: What It Is & What You Can Do About It

The existence of water veins is still largely unknown, but they can cause many complaints such as insomnia, tension, cramps, etc.

In addition to causing direct complaints, radiation from water veins can also lead to serious chronic diseases in the long run. This is apparent from the experience of dowsers, but also from scientific studies.

The radiation weakens our immune system and the risk of cancer, for example, increases. Even if no complaints are experienced.


I have done extensive research into water veins and the types of radiation they give off. On this page you will find extensive information about the properties of water veins.

If you are more interested in a survey of your house for water veins and the removal of the radiation, then read here: Radiation survey and removal of radiation.

What water veins are

Water veins are best seen like creeks at certain depths in the underground.

These veins with water can be small, but also very large.

Perceiving water veins

The friction between the water and coarse sand or gravel emits a radiation that we perceive above the surface as a coldness.

Also a pressure in the head is perceived, like your brains are pushed against the skull.

Why water veins are dangerous

Water veins are extra nasty, because they have not only a strong radiation but the radiation can also spread very wide.

Why neutralizing often doesn’t work

Most solutions sold to suppress the radiation of water veins do not work, or just temporarily.

Devices you can just put somewhere do not remove the radiation. They only try to suppress the symptoms.



What water veins are

The term “water veins” is used for running water in layers of sand or pebble. These veins of water generate radiation that can cause us serious health problems.

So it is real physical water in the underground. They are like creeks at certain depths in the ground, so to speak. These veins with water can be small, but also very large.

The water sinks from the surface into the underground till a impermeable layer is reached. Then the water flows in the direction with the least resistance. This will be in a layer of sand or pebbles. It presses itself through the material and therefore flows very slowly. In regions with sediment layers of sand or coarse and clay you can expect to find many water veins.

Water vein under the house
Water vein under the house

In the end it is just rainwater that has sunk into the ground, accumulates and then finds its way in the earth. Like water on the surface.

In more mountainous environments, they can also form through cracks in the rock.

Existence of water veins

There are still people who deny the existence of water veins. However, without these there would be no springs and no rivers.

See the photo, this is where the Moselle begins. The water comes out of the earth from a water vein that comes to the surface here. We call this phenomenon a source.

Water vein as source of the Moselle
Water vein as source of the Moselle

In rare cases, this water has very positive properties and the water is drunk for its medicinal properties.

The most famous example of this is the well of Lourdes. The second photo shows such a healing spring.

The Odiel well
This source provides medicinal water

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Danger of water veins

The radiation of an average water vein is strong and usually leads to all kinds of complaints among residents.

I regularly hear from customers that several neighbors, who also sleep on the same very strong water vein, have developed serious diseases or have already died from them. See an example of this in the green block.

There is therefore a clear relationship between the radiation strength and the severity of the complaints and how quickly the complaints occur.

“Since we moved to our current house about three years ago, we have suffered from pain in our legs and feet.

My husband has one ailment after another. And the house is always chilly and cold.

Remarkable fact is that since we live here three (!) neighbors have died of cancer. The houses of these men are all in line with our house.

A neighbor a few houses away has had ME for 2 years.”

The investigation showed that there is a very strong water vein under these houses.
So you see that strong radiation not only causes complaints, but can eventually lead to life-threatening diseases.

This is what I want to avoid by removing the radiation for you.

Radiation accumulation

In many cases it is not a matter of a single water vein, but there appears to be an accumulation of radiation from various sources. Multiple water veins or also together with radiation from other types of earth rays.

Not always complaints

Even if no complaints are experienced, we are still burdened by them.

Unfortunately I know of examples where one partner has never had complaints and the other has, but the one without complaints suddenly turns out to have cancer.

So, the absence of complaints unfortunately says nothing about the possible harmful consequences in the long term. The term silent killer for water veins is therefore not just invented…

Of course it’s not always so dramatic. I also know of examples where there were apparently no complaints, but after clearing a not so strong water vein, a clear improvement in sleep is experienced.

Water veins outside the house can also be dangerous

Veins that do not flow under the house, but are (well) outside the house, can still emit radiation into the house.

Side radiation

The light blue slanting bars in the photo show the side radiations from the water veins that are located well outside the house on the left and right.

The upper floors in particular are burdened with this, also at the neighbors.

This radiation spreads out over a large width with increasing height. The burdened area can then quickly become very large, which often makes dodging difficult.

Unfortunately, this is rarely thought of in surveys…

With a tour through the house or just around the house, this is simply missed.

Side radiation
The upper floor is heavily loaded by water veins that are well outside the house
2,3 to a strip even 4 times the radiation intensity
When measuring only in or directly around the house, this is not found

Radiation of water veins
Even if the water vein is outside the house, it still emits radiation into the house

Investigation around the house

So you see that veins that are outside the house can still emit radiation into ypur home. And these can be considerable distances…

This radiation is also strong and unhealthy and should therefore be avoided.

During an investigation you will therefore have to measure very widely around the house.

In practice, however, it is not always possible to walk widely enough around the house, which is why it is better to detect water veins on aerial photos.

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Neutralizing water vein radiation

Water vein radiation can be removed

Can water veins be removed at all? Not as such.

I often hear people talk about stopping the water veins, but that’s not possible. The water continues to flow, the physical water itself cannot be removed.

But the radiation emitted by the water vein can be removed. And that’s what matters. It is the radiation that causes the problem, not the water itself.

Applying a neutralization

By neutralizing the water vein, the radiation can be removed from it.

For information about neutralizing the water veins and earth rays found during an investigation, read more at: Radiation survey and removal of radiation.

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Complaints due to water veins

The radiation from water veins causes various complaints when people live in them and especially when they sleep in it. Because during our sleep our sensitivity is much greater and we are therefore more susceptible to the influence of radiation.

Our sleep is meant to regenerate. If this regeneration is disrupted, this will eventually manifest itself in complaints that we will experience.

Symptoms and complaints

Some typical complaints are: sleeping badly, waking up not rested, having a short fuse, struggle at home, unrest, crying babies, fatigue, depressive complaints, headaches, joint pains, leg cramps, Gout, even Rheumatism and Cancer.

Another good indicator that something is wrong at home is when you sleep better elsewhere (on vacation, for example) than at home.

Look further on the page about symptoms: Symptoms anc complaints of Earth rays, Water veins and Elektrosmog.

Pain in the legs

A remarkably common complaint with strong water vein radiation is pain in the legs. It has now become clear to me that this is caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels in the legs, caused by the radiation.

Body Reactions

The body reacts with stress to the radiation and therefore causes tension, which in turn leads to sleeping problems, fatigue, etc.

In the long run, the immune system is increasingly weakened, which increases the risk of developing chronic diseases.

The experiences of dowsers therefore show that with cancer there is almost always such a burden. Just to name one example.

Babies and small children are also very sensitive, look for symptoms at Symptoms of baby’s and little children

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Depth of water veins

Water veins flow in a layer on top of a water-impermeable layer of clay, for example.

The depth of a water vein is therefore determined by the depth of the underlying impermeable layer.

If there are alternate layers with sand/pebble and, for example, clay/loam at different depths, they can occur at multiple depths.

water veins in earth layers
Water veins on different depths

Delta of the great rivers

The Netherlands, Flanders and the north of Germany are in fact the delta of the major European rivers.

Over time, these rivers have deposited alternating layers of sand or gravel and clay. Due to the presence of these layers, the chance of water veins is high here.

Similar this will also be the case in other parts of the world, where over time where different layers are deposited.

Water vein crossings

If there are water veins at different depths, they can cross each other and thus form intersections.

These water vein crossings have an amplifying effect on the radiation, numbers 40,000 times stronger than the radiation of a single water vein are known.


Water vein crossings
2 Water vein crossings

This is quite extreme, but in practice it is clearly observable that the crossings are clearly stronger than the radiation of the individual veins.


More severe complaints at crossings

Matching the stronger radiation, you also see that residents also have more intense reactions.

I was approached by a customer. He told about the previous residents, that they had come to live there in reasonable health.

After a number of years, both legs of the man were amputated, after which he died shortly afterwards. Then the same with the woman … so really intense!

Both veins of the crossing turned out to be more than twice as strong as an average water vein. The current resident also had a lot of painin his legs…

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Find water veins on the map

As explained above, the chance of water veins in general is fairly high and you can actually encounter them everywhere.

Proximity to water

In the immediate vicinity of large, but also smaller, rivers and canals, the chance is even greater. I regularly see houses close to rivers where various arteries run under.

So if you look at the map, you can expect many water veins directly around the rivers, canals and other bodies of water.

I sometimes get the question whether there is a water veins map that shows exactly where they run, so a map where they are drawn. Unfortunately, such a map does not exist.

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Recognizing water veins

The friction of the water through the coarse sand or pebble creates a radiation that we perceive above ground through a feeling of cold (think of the cold that rises in churches).

Rising salt stains, damp patches and cracks in walls can be signs of a water vein.

Tree on water vein
Tree on water vein crossing

Hedges with weak spots or trees that have a lot of side branches at the bottom of the trunk, have tree cancer or no longer have the model of a normal tree of the tree species at all, can be an indication that there is a water vein in this place.

twisted trunk
Tree on a water vein with a twisted trunk

In a forest, water vein crossings can be easily recognized by trees that show a very remarkable growth, whereby the trunk is twisted and the tree grows in width very quickly above the ground.

The tree tries in this way to avoid the radiation as much as possible….

In addition, residents on water veins experience various symptoms of coldness, cramps or pains in limbs and especially poor sleep.

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Moving water veins


There are various phenomena that can occur.

Over time, the water can find a different path and therefore follow a different route. But this is not very common and they usually stay in the same place.

For example, water veins under the Dolmens still appear to flow in the same place as when the Dolmen was constructed.

Depending on the amount of rain

Another more common phenomenon is that a water vein seems to move because the amount of water in the water vein changes during the year, depending on the amount of precipitation in a period.

They then seem to move from centimeters to, in exceptional cases, meters. This is also a reason why many suppressors (such as pipes, brackets, etc.) soon no longer work.

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Use of water from water veins

The water from water veins has been used for centuries. Wells were dug at farms and in cities (city pumps) in order to have clean drinking water.

Locate a water vein for the construction of a well

I can. However, I do not detect a water vein for watering private gardens.

If you need water, you’d better give the volunteer fire brigade a few cases of beer to let them flush a well on the groundwater. (Be sure to inquire first whether that is allowed in your area at all.)

If water is being drilled, you can see where the water flows from the ground coming out of the well.

Dowsing master

A dowsing master can of course find water. But he can also determine the amount of water and the quality of the water.

He determines exactly where to drill and to what depth.


Agriculture and industry

The larger water veins, if the water is suitable, are used for agriculture and industry.

For extinguishing water, such a water vein must be able to deliver 500 liter (132 US Gallon / 110 imperial Gallon) per minute, so that’s a lot of water!

Source of Bad Nieuweschans
Source of Bad Nieuweschans

Other applications

A good example of a very large water vein is the one that flows from the Teutoburgerwald close to Bad Nieuweschans to eventually the North Sea.

This water flows just over the border through a salt dome, making this water very salty. Due to the great depth, the water is also very warm.

This water is used for the Spa in Bad Nieuweschans and the reason why the “Bad” has come for Nieuweschans.

This water is thousands of years old, so the water flows really very slowly…

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