Water veins: What it is & How to get rid of it

This page gives information about different properties of water veins and what can be done against the radiation they emit.

Underground water veins cause many problems, mostly because of the intense and wide radiation these veins emit. It gets even worse when 2 water veins cross each other. On such places one can normally not live. Still I frequently encounter that houses are build right on top of a crossing of water veins, with all according problems.

What water veins are

Water veins are best seen like creeks at certain depths in the underground.

These veins with water can be small, but also very large.

Perceiving water veins

The friction between the water and coarse sand or gravel emits a radiation that we perceive above the surface as a coldness.

Also a pressure in the head is perceived, like your brains are pushed against the skull.

Why water veins are dangerous

Water veins are extra nasty, because they have not only a strong radiation but the radiation can also spread very wide.

Why neutralizing often doesn’t work

Most solutions sold to suppress the radiation of water veins do not work, or just temporarily.

Devices you can just put somewhere do not remove the radiation. They only try to suppress the symptoms.

“Dear Marcel, thank you for removing the water veins and the entities.
No doubt I’m doing better. I sleep better and I feel more relaxed.
It’s good to know that I do not have the radiation while I sleep.
My son will contact you soon. We like to get him the same service you gave me.
I am happy that I found someone like you.
You have studied so much to understand the matter of radiation
and can help so many.
It’s really a pity that people are not aware of it. ”

Suyapa, Copenhagen, Denmark.

For professional survey and removal of radiation



What water veins are

Water Veins
Water running under the house

Water veins are running water in layers of sand or pebble and radiate very unhealthy radiation which can cause serious health problems on the long term.

So it is real physical water in the underground. They are like creeks at certain depths in the ground, so to speak. These veins with water can be small, but also very large.

The water sinks from the surface into the underground till a impermeable layer is reached. Then the water flows in the direction with the least resistance. This will be in a layer of sand or pebbles. It presses itself through the material and therefore flows very slowly. In regions with sediment layers of sand or coarse and clay you can expect to find many water veins.

In mountainous environments water veins can also be created by cleaves in the rock in which water flows.


Existence of water veins

The Odielen source
This source has healing water
Water vein as source of the Moesel
Here the Moesel starts

There are still people denying that water veins actually exist. But without these veins there would not be sources and rivers. See left photo, here the Moesel starts in France. The water is coming from an water vein appearing on the surface. This is what we call a source.

In rare cases this water has exceptionally positive qualities and the water is used for healing purposes.

The most known example of healing capabilities of water is the source of Lourdes. The second photo shows an example of this kind of source.

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Depths of water veins

Earth layers
Water veins on different depths

A water vein is always located above an impermeable layer, for instance clay. That’s why water veins have certain depths. Are there alternate layers of sand/coarse and clay at a certain place, then there can be several veins on different depths.

In the right picture I found 2 water veins above each other during a house survey. These veins flow on different depths in the underground.

Water veins can be on different depths in the ground layers, due to this fact it can be that water veins lie above each other and build Cross-points.


Crossings of water veins

2 Water vein crossings
2 crossing’s of water veins through the house

Cross-points of water veins have an amplifying effect on the radiation, numbers of 40.000 x amplification compared to the individual veins are known. This is very extreme, but indeed in practice it is clearly tangible that Cross-points of water veins have a stronger radiation than the individual veins who build the Cross-point.

More severe complaints on crossings

One also sees that inhabitants have more severe reactions with stronger radiation strengths. Pain in the legs I encounter frequently, then the legs turn out to be on a Cross-point. Even stories of former inhabitants where both legs were amputated of both partners…. So, it can be really fierce!

In the picture left you see water vein crossings found by me during a house survey. A client asked me to examine the house from distance because they experienced several complaints.

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Danger of water veins

Water vein radiation
Water vein radiation

The radiation of water veins is mostly strong till very strong and leads often to immediate ailments. One sees that people develop oft chronic diseases on the long term. I often get back from customers, that several neighbours, who also live on the same water vein, developed serios diseases or already died from it.

What is also noticed, is that many persons who approached me with very explicit complaints, mostly have to do with crossings of veins. Like described above about water vein crossings, the radiation values on these crossing are even clearly higher and you see that back in the severeness of the complaints.

But also when there seemingly no complaints, the radiation burdens us. Unfortunately, I also now examples where one partner didn’t have any ailments at all as the other partner does have, but the one without the ailments suddenly has cancer. The absence of complaints unfortunately doesn’t say a thing about the possible damaging consequences on the long term…

The body react to the radiation with stress and causes tensions, this again leads to sleeping problems, tiredness etc. On the long run the immune system is weakened consistently which enhances the change of developing chronical diseases tremendously. The experience of dowsers is, that with cancer almost always this kind of radiation is a cause. To mention an example.

Also baby’s and little children are very sensitive, look for symptoms at Symptoms of baby’s and little children


Complaints by water veins

The radiation of a water vein gives several complaints when people are living above it and especially when they sleep on it. During our sleep we are much more sensitive and therefore more prone for radiation influences. Our sleep is meant to regenerate. When this regeneration is disturbed, we will develop complaints. Is this situation maintained for a long time, think of many years, the change for developing chronical diseases is very big.

Some typical complaints are: bad nigh rest, waking up tired, having a short fuse, quarrels, unrest, depressive complaints, headaches, joint aches, cramps in the legs, gout, till even rheumatism and cancer.

Look for more symptoms and complaints at: Symptoms earth radiations, water veins and electro smog.


Also water veins outside the house are dangerous

Side radiation
Radiation of water veins that are outside the house

Also veins that are not going under the house through, but are close by, still give radiation in the house. The radiation spreads with increasing heights over a large area. The polluted area can become big very quickly, what makes veering oft difficult. Unfortunately, this mostly forgotten when houses are checked on water veins. See the picture for an example.

The dark blue balks are radiation of a water vein far beyond the neighbour’s house to the right. The balks from the water vein on the left are left out to keep it synoptic, but these are also present…

Moreover, water veins also give side radiation, drawn in light blue.

Here you see, that veins clearly outside the house, still can give radiation in the house. This radiation is also strong and unhealthy and must be avoided also.

With a survey of the house, there has to be looked really wide around the house. In practice it is not always possible to walk around the house that wide, the reason why finding water veins on air photos works much better.

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Recognising water veins

The friction between the water and the sand or coarse emits a radiation that we feel above the surface as coldness (think of the coldness in churches).

Salt stains, humid spots and cracks in walls can be indicators for water veins. Also hedges with bad parts, can be an indicator that a water vein is flowing on that position in the underground.

Tree on water vein
Tree on water vein
Twisted trunk
Tree on water vein with turned trunk

Also trees who have many small side-branches, of which the trunk is twisted or has tree cancer. This is a clue that a water vein is on that position.

I a forest Cross-point of water veins are very well recognizable on the trees that have a strange growth or even don’t look like a normal tree of this species, with twisted trunks and growing extremely wide near the surface. These trees try to avoid as much of the radiation as possible by growing very wide. They try to flea from the radiation, so to speak….

For symptoms that we can experience from water veins look further down this page at Complaints by water veins.

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Water veins can move

There are different reasons for water veins to mover their position.

In the course of time the water can find another path. But mostly water veins stay on the same place. For instance, water veins under ancient megaliths still flow on the same place as when the megalith was built. So although this can happen, it is rather rare. This changes when having to do with earth quakes.

Another more frequent phenomenon is that water veins seem to move because the water amount changes during the year, dependently from the rainfall in a period. Water veins seem to move from centimeters, and in rare cases, till even meters. This is also one of the reasons why many neutralizing methods (like pipes and such) already after a short time don’t work anymore.

When I neutralize water veins I always take this movement into account. To make sure the neutralizing will keep working.

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Using the water of water veins

Source Bad Nieuweschans
Source Bad Nieuweschans

A dowsing-master can also determine the depth and the water quality of a water vein.

When a water-well is drilled for industry or agriculture, the earth coming from the drill well shows where the water is flowing. To know where and how deep one has to drill, often an experienced dowser is asked. He/She can exactly locate the position and depth of the water vein, the quality of the water and the amount of water flowing.

The water of the bigger water veins is used for farming, cattle breeding and industry, when the quality of the water is good enough. For fire extinguishing purposes these veins must be able to deliver at least 500 litre (132 US Gallon / 110 imperial Gallon) per minute, so that’s a lot of water!

A nice example of the use of a water vein is a very big water vein coming from the Teutoburgerwald in Germany. It flows across the border with the Netherlands at Bad Nieuweschans and ends in the North Sea. This water is extremely salt, because it flows through a salt dome just before crossing the Dutch border. Because the water is flowing is great depth, the water is also very hot.

This water is used for the health resort in Bad Nieuweschans and the reason why the “Bad” (Bath) is put before the name of the town. This water is thousands of years old, so the water is flowing really slowly…

See the picture right, the water is flowing on big depth (>600 m). There is drilled through the different sediment layers that are deposited through the eons.

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With entities is meant here humans, or animals, who have died, but for some reason, have not passed over and are sticked here. Also called souls or ghosts. Seldomly these are acquittances, by the way.

The experience learns that the occurrence of water veins under or close to the house often also entities are present. With crossing it is really an exception if this is not the case. Most of us do not perceive them consciously, but our body does react on it. De presence of entities causes a lot of unrest and sleeping problems due to stress reactions of the body till even severe physical complaints.

The reason entities are drawn to water veins is the fact that they do need energy, and these veins have energy in abundance.

There are persons who deal with the removal of entities. But as long the radiation is in or near the house, new entities will still come. You can remove them, but will be ‘mopping with the tap open’.

How to prevent

To really solve this, the house must not be an attractive place anymore. To achieve this the radiation must be removed from the house. First then it makes sense to remove the present entities. The change of new ones coming to the house will be small by the absence of the radiation.

Entities do not stay at the same place all the time, but they like to wander also. If for instance 10 entities see your house as their ‘home’. And at the moment of removal, say 6 are there. Then these 6 are brought where they belong no wand don’t come back. But the other 4, who weren’t at home, will return during the first few days till weeks.

The experience learns that mostly within a month these have all returned home. That is the reason I included a month aftercare. As soon customers notice that one has returned home, they let me know and I will remove them.

How do you know

First when both the radiation and the entities are removed, real peace and quietness will come onto the house. Customers say to experience a serene peacefulness in their house. So, it is not only important to remove the radiation but also the entities. When an entity returns home, you see that the residents immediately experience sleeping problems again, children don’t want to go to bed, see monsters, wake up crying during the night etc.

The peacefulness and night’s sleep t returns.

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